Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Amputee – Issue 18

Profligate scandalI HAVE just read average debt levels in Britain have risen to an all-time high of nearly 140 per cent of income, twice...

The Amputee – Issue 17

Reading between the lies “I may not agree with what they did but I will defend to the death their right to deny it.”It was...

Dispatches of a Cave Dweller

Modern day cave living should become more popular as it is a fantastic way of life, a good investment or retirement package to the quiet Andalucían life in the mountains

The Amputee – Issue 15

HAPPY NEWS YEARTwo thousand and six has quietly slipped behind the curtain of time and we will now refer to it as Last Year....

The Amputee – Issue 14

In true festive spirit, The Olive Press has decided to give The Amputee a week off. Here, his companion The Gobbler muses on what Christmas means to him

The Amputee – Issue 13

SHEP THE FISHI JUST read that by the middle of next year more British families will own a fish than will own a dog....

The Amputee – Issue 12

BACKING GROUPONE of the great mysteries of the Universe is why women cannot back a car into a parking spot. My mother was a...

The Amputee – Issue 10

Journeyman tailorMY grandfather, Charlie McCarthy, described himself as a "Journeyman Tailor."I learnt this a few years ago when I applied for a copy of...

The Amputee – Issue 9

WHEN God finally gets back to earth the first thing he is going to ask is what we have done with his dinosaurs. At...