Thursday, October 17, 2019

Bean and gone

Bartie considers the merits of coffee a la Clooney

Toss of the Coín

Maximilian Bartie muses on the disadvantages of banning the burka

Living the High Life

Surviving Spain at 1,500 metres. A new Olive Press blog on life in Spain's highest village

After a fashion

Bartie takes a swipe at fashion choice and raises questions over economic migration

Maximilian Bartie

Maximilian Bartie considers pensioners during the economic downturn and fumes at the language in Marley and Me

Bartie’s back in town

After a two month sojourn in Thailand (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) Lord Bart is back with his usual enlightening musings on modern life

Scandal, gossip, inside info and more…!

Sits Vac NOW that Tony Blair has announced the date he will hand over power to that scion of Scottish Presbyterianism, Gordon Brown, we can...

The Amputee – Issue 23

I drink, therefore I am I PHONED a friend after lunch he other day to thank him for the very entertaining dinner party he and...

The Amputee – Issue 21

Raising the steaksA FRIEND of mine was found positive for the performance-inhibiting drug butane. “A load of anabolics,” he claimed in our local bar,...

The Amputee – Issue 19

Year of the golden porker LET a hundred flowers bloom. The Chinese have said goodbye to the Year of the Dog and welcomed in the...

The Amputee – Issue 18

Profligate scandalI HAVE just read average debt levels in Britain have risen to an all-time high of nearly 140 per cent of income, twice...

The Amputee – Issue 17

Reading between the lies “I may not agree with what they did but I will defend to the death their right to deny it.”It was...

Dispatches of a Cave Dweller

Modern day cave living should become more popular as it is a fantastic way of life, a good investment or retirement package to the quiet Andalucían life in the mountains

The Amputee – Issue 15

HAPPY NEWS YEARTwo thousand and six has quietly slipped behind the curtain of time and we will now refer to it as Last Year....

The Amputee – Issue 14

In true festive spirit, The Olive Press has decided to give The Amputee a week off. Here, his companion The Gobbler muses on what Christmas means to him

The Amputee – Issue 13

SHEP THE FISHI JUST read that by the middle of next year more British families will own a fish than will own a dog....

The Amputee – Issue 12

BACKING GROUPONE of the great mysteries of the Universe is why women cannot back a car into a parking spot. My mother was a...

The Amputee – Issue 10

Journeyman tailorMY grandfather, Charlie McCarthy, described himself as a "Journeyman Tailor."I learnt this a few years ago when I applied for a copy of...

The Amputee – Issue 9

WHEN God finally gets back to earth the first thing he is going to ask is what we have done with his dinosaurs. At...