Saturday, July 20, 2019


I am in my mid forties and recently moved to Spain with my family. We were meant to be moving to France, but we ended up here after an incident that involved daytime TV and a need for more sun and space than the Alps could offer.

Introducing myself as dunnarunna – because I have.

I would like to introduce myself - dunnarunna, because I have. Myself and my family have escaped the clutches of the UK and hopefully...

So here it is (Merry Christmas)

TIME really does fly when you’re having fun! I can’t believe it’s almost a year since I stood outside the church at midnight, cava...

Who’s manipulating who?: Has the latest Catalunya video reached your phone yet?

'LOVE Beats Hate'...has it arrived in your phone yet?Here in Galicia it arrived in a friend's phone from Andalucia.It arrived in mine from the...

There’s no place like home

 I FIRST fell in love when I was around 12. It wasn’t youthful infatuation but something far deeper which has lasted for 30 years.Over...

Scream if you wanna go faster…

MOVING to Spain brings its fair share of challenges; whether it's learning the language or finding out how to dispose of your dirty cooking...

ROBOT WARS: Our real enemy could be man made and they’re already here

WHAT crazy times we're living in! From natural disasters like devastating hurricanes and earthquakes, to the war of words between The Donald and North...

Olive Press financial advisor Sandy Paterson on the seven principles of investing

Blacktower Financial Management expert gives the lowdown on sound investment

Crisis, what crisis? Why it may be time to invest in the Spanish economy

Sandy Paterson's sound advice for making your money as an expat go further

US truckers earn more than those in Europe – but at what cost?

Joking about which side of the road people drive on around the world aside, it turns out that driving on European roads is safer...

Brexit: What it may mean to your State Pension

THERE are two pension issues (state pensions rather than occupational pensions) that I come across frequently when talking to people living in the EU...

Paddy MacLachlan’s house building blog – Episode 5

Building this house has completely cleaned me out. Broke. Skint. Potless. It went way over budget and took much longer than planned...

‘Wilful damage’

HAPPY new year to you ALL!It's around a month now since the 8 December edition of the BBC's Question Time from Maidenhead.You can catch...

A ‘word’ of Brexit warning…

The Brexit issue continues to divide and anger, not to mention being riddled with lies, twisted truths, decontextualisations and of course... misinterpretations

Paddy MacLachlan’s house building blog – Episode 4

WHEN you build a house from scratch that's based on your own ideas, you end up with what I suppose you might call your...

Paddy MacLachlan’s house building blog – Episode 3

I really, really hope my neighbours never read this or hear about it, although I don't suppose they will. They speak less English than I speak Spanish

Paddy MacLachlan’s house building blog – Episode 1

No skeletons in the cupboard for our new OP blogger - just under his house!

Why-Fi ?

OP blogger Malcolm Dick puts the kettle on