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Psychopathic Mums

It is possibly quite difficult to imagine that some mothers can actually be psychopathic, but as with all other groups of people, they walk amongst
14 Jan, 2020 @ 10:04

On Being Alone

Being alone can be something that suits some people very well, a need for isolation in a sometimes stressful world can be the difference between
27 Nov, 2019 @ 10:20

The Mind Body Connection

It has long been believed by mental health professionals that there is a strong link between poor mental health and poor physical health. Stress is
4 Jul, 2019 @ 13:31


Some time ago a small group of teenage schoolgirls had done something that we could never have known the ramifications of many years later. They
4 Apr, 2019 @ 20:16

What exactly is PTSD

I asked a friend, ‘what is post traumatic stress disorder?’ She is a fellow therapist and her reply was, ‘a normal response to an abnormal situation’. This
28 Mar, 2019 @ 19:00

Separated at Birth

I have just finished watching ‘Three Identical Strangers’ on Channel 4. (Spoiler alert). It is a documentary which tells the dreadful story of triplets, separated
21 Mar, 2019 @ 12:25
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