Saturday, October 24, 2020
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The Mind Body Connection

It has long been believed by mental health professionals that there is a strong link between poor...

International Women’s Day

As International Women’s Day approaches on Friday, I find myself reflecting on how far women have come in terms of equality. This...

Are you an Ambivert?

Whenever I meet a friend of mine I am always struck by how quiet and unassuming she...

When will my grief end

Some cultures offer flowers out to the souls of the departed I was asked this question again last...

Adjustment Disorder

Adjusting to a new culture and the challenges it can bring up

Separated at Birth

I have just finished watching ‘Three Identical Strangers’ on Channel 4. (Spoiler alert). It is a documentary...

Mental health Awareness for Children

This blog is not intended to try and force a conversation on children about mental health, and...

What exactly is PTSD

I asked a friend, ‘what is post traumatic stress disorder?’ She is a fellow therapist and her reply...


Karen Rhodes takes a look at homelessness


Some time ago a small group of teenage schoolgirls had done something that we could never have...

On Being Alone

Being alone can be something that suits some people very well, a need for isolation in a...

Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder

Every winter as a child I used to wait in eager anticipation for Spring to arrive with...

How you can help someone diagnosed with bipolar

Karen Rhodes and Bipolar

Schizophrenia, Shamans and Religious delusions

Schizophrenia, shamans and religious delusions

Psychopathic Mums

It is possibly quite difficult to imagine that some mothers can actually be psychopathic, but as with...

Helicopter Parents

If I had to confess to something I think I would have to own up to...

Me and My Shadow

Karen Rhodes takes a look at the shadow side

Fascination for Reality TV

If there was ever a case of shutting the stable door after...