Monday, November 30, 2020
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The dark art of ‘chuletas’

The use of a cheat note is quite common in Spain and also has its own word, “chuleta”

Yann Tiersen live in Castillo Sohail

CASTILLO  Sohail in Fuengirola is not a place for British military enthusiasts to boast about. During the Peninsula War, a Polish unit of 150 was...

Catching the end of San Fermin

Many disagree with bull running and bull fighting, protesting against how these magnificent beasts are treated. I agree, yet I don't agree enough to demand a stop to this element of Spanish culture

The curious case of queuing in Spain

“I HATE this,” says an English colleague of mine, “and it happens all the time.” We were queuing in a cafe in Madrid. It was...