Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Terenia Taras: Telling it like it is

Are tourists ‘too little, too late’ for hospitality industry in Spain’s Mallorca?

OK so Spain has navigated Storm Corona pretty well, but what will the ravaged business landscape look like afterwards? 

Terenia Taras celebrates lockdown liberation in Spain’s Mallorca with a blow-out and a blast of George Michael

HAIR, pink rosé and Burrata cheese: they were the three things I was most looking forward to after nine weeks of lockdown. 

After nine weeks locked down in Britain away from her new life in Spain’s Mallorca, it’s good to be...

I HAVE never been so happy to walk through an airport arrivals door as I was after returning to Mallorca at the...

Like a Marvel hero, Terenia Taras is swooping home to Mallorca to help save the travel industry from the...

I DON’T want to speak too soon because last time we booked flights to return, they were cancelled by British Airways. I...

Coronavirus has taught us that if we don’t look after our world, animals and people, we may not have...

HOW many of you have surprised yourself throughout the coronavirus crisis? Who knew they weren’t so bad at DIY,...

From Monaco to Yorkshire, nothing compares to Mallorca, writes Terenia Taras, as she remains stranded in the UK

WE’VE been back in the UK now since lockdown kicked in four weeks ago, but are desperate to get back to Mallorca.

If lockdown’s driving you crazy just have a little patience (but purlease don’t post that song online) writes NEW...

One of the best lines I’ve read throughout the coronavirus crisis is, ‘our grandparents were called to arms, we’ve been asked to just sit on our sofas’