Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A dog’s life, by Eddie the hotel hound

Humouring humans... latest Olive Press columnist Eddie the dog is ‘em-barking’ on a great career – no bones about it

Paella passion

Eddie the hotel dog’s ode to a mixed paella

Anything but the vet’s

Eddie the Dog muses on the ups and downs of long, boring car journeys

Toy boy

Eddie the dog spoiled with three poochie presents in a week

It’s been an eventful week for the Molino del Santo’s resident dog

DO you want to know where I sleep?  My basket is moved each night into the marital bedroom and I pretend to be in...

Winter walkies

Eddie’s tail is down as the coast heads into ruff weather

Bedding down for winter

It’s ta-ta for now from the Olive Press’ favourite canine

Boys’ toys

Eddie the hotel dog goes nuts for balls and things to tug

Obedience: Obeying my master

Eddie the hotel dog may appear to be obedient, but who’s really the boss at Molino del Santo?

Player on the playa

My holidays have arrived… hurray!

I love groups… does that make me a groupie?

Eddie the hotel dog questions his motives for being a groupie in his latest column

A tail of two traumas

A trying week for Eddie the hotel dog

I’m in Trouble… writes Eddie the Hotel dog

WHAT is the matter with my owners? Why don’t they understand all of the complicated thoughts that go on in a dog’s head? They’re...

Eddie the Hotel Dog ponders beach etiquette

The beach games I like to play

Heel, boy!

Time to trade in the old man?

De Tail by De Dog

When I run the hotel all the clients will get dog pellets and a bowl of water

Dog days

Eddie pals up with a new four-legged friend