Thursday, June 24, 2021

Giles Brown: Loud and Clear

Farewell, old fiend

Giles Brown on the final demise of his troublesome car

13th-century man

No car, heating or electricity… is this the dark ages?

‘Playa’-boy of the western world

In the first of a two-part series, columnist Giles Brown has the low-down on how to survive Marbella’s beach etiquette

Part II: Once more unto the beach

Marbella ‘playa’-boy Giles Brown concludes his two-part series on how to navigate beach etiquette

Halloween horrors and agave agro

Columnist Giles Brown on how to deal with trick or treaters and his infamous big plant

Water, water anywhere?

Columnist Giles Brown on the weather and Russell Crowe

A bridge too far…

Giles Brown thinks that San Pedro has enough chaos without a new bridge

Summertime, and the livin’ ain’t easy

Columnist Giles Brown on tourist woes on the coast

Loud and Clear!

Our man about town was a victim of papal photo-bombing...

Loud and Clear!

Back in Blighty Giles Brown gets both a drenching and a culture shock

The Man-flu Diaries

Columnist Giles Brown discusses the Spanish love of illness

Loud and Clear!

Giles loves his F1, but can't stand the commentators!

Big cat diaries and Ebola baloney

If you think you’ve spotted the Beast of Bodmin it’s only Isis of Istan, Giles’ AWOL black cat

Having a fine time!

Olive Press columnist Giles Brown gets on the wrong side of the law

Recognising Joe Strummer

Marbella's man-about-town Giles Brown casts his eye over the Spanish news

Dealing with the Marbs high season and its struggles

Columnist Giles Brown recounts the tales of a battered Brit and projectile weapons

Loud and Clear!

Bingo! - OP columnist Giles Brown achieves a full house with the Spanish police

Loud and Clear!

In which our man shows he has more bolas than most!

What NOT to do at your office Christmas party in Spain

As the work Christmas party season is upon us, Giles Brown looks back at some of his most (unfortunately) memorable bashes

It’s a New Dawn, it’s a New Day…

NORMALLY when we head into a New Year, my Social Media feeds are full of posts claiming ‘This will be my year’!, ‘Moving on...

Giles Brown recalls his 1980s run-in with the Costa del Crime

AFTER the shocking San Pedro slaying of a suspected drug lord earlier this month, it seems Marbella could be heading back to the dark...

Giles Brown has had enough of the virtual breathing workshops and online psychobabble of Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown

What could be more inspiring than the sight of a 50-something male in a hooded dressing gown muttering obscure rock lyrics to himself

Giles Brown is stuck in ‘festive no man’s land’

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it through to another year, as well as getting through that testing time between Christmas and new year when you aren’t...

Just wish it was over – a miserable start to 2021 in Spain

WHEN I flippantly mentioned in my last column that I didn't see many people writing that 2021 would be their year, I didn't actually...

Going to blazes

Giles Brown escapes an inferno and for once it wasn’t his sex that was on fire




COVID-19 hospital cases fall to double figures for the first time since July 2020 in the Costa Blanca area...

HOSPITAL admissions caused by COVID-19 have fallen into double figures for the first time since July 2020 in the Valencian Community. Today's(June 23) figures show...


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