Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Giles Brown: Loud and Clear

Too sexy for my shirt…

Giles Brown has 50 shades of fun

How Spain’s coronavirus is both a geek heaven and a harsh reality writes Giles Brown

And thus it came to pass that the Geek did, indeed, inherit the Earth

Bad Car Karma

There’s something about Giles Brown and his motors that doesn’t quite connect

From bullfighting to Kung Fu fighting

When matadors fight back… and, no, not against the bulls

Tips on how to embrace your mid-life crisis in Spain

Perhaps it is the fact that, when I’m running down the Spanish Top Ten on my breakfast show, I can recognize only about three of the artists – and wonder where the vowels went with the rest of them (The Weeknd, SZA etc.).

Spain’s Coronavirus outbreak has Giles Brown humming along to a noughties boy band from inside his loo roll lair

Living in splendid isolation in a cottage by the lake, with the nearest neighbour about half a mile away, a generator for power and a large water deposit tank, I was all prepared for the breakdown of society

Loud and Clear: Puerto Banus billboard rings true

Columnist Giles Brown waxes lyrical about funny signs and horrifying spiders

PROTEST WITH NO BULL: Why new year is the perfect time to campaign for change on the Costa del...

It’s new year, new me in more than one way as Giles Brown heads to his first ever protest

Downsized Abbey

Giles Brown gets down to some fiscal belt-tightening… Marbella style!

Loud and Clear!

Back in Blighty Giles Brown gets both a drenching and a culture shock

Here comes the (Facebook) Bride

Apparently jokes are harder to get online

Guests got more than they bargained for at Gibraltar’s Fawlty Towers dinner

As a Fawlty Towers dinner event comes to the Rock, Giles Brown recalls other not-so savoury meals

Water, water anywhere?

Columnist Giles Brown on the weather and Russell Crowe

Desperately seeking Santa

The heart-warming tale of Father Christmas - A.K.A Giles Brown - and the sexy elf

Je suis Paris

With friends all over the world, the Paris attacks felt closer to home than ever

Halloween horrors and agave agro

Columnist Giles Brown on how to deal with trick or treaters and his infamous big plant

Call me a road racist but …

Why the new-style licence plates drive Giles Brown round the bend

Loud and Clear!

Bingo! - OP columnist Giles Brown achieves a full house with the Spanish police

Faux pas fashion

It’s been a journey of sartorial trial and error for this Marbella ma

Bah Humbug!!!!

Giles Brown keeps calm and gets his ho, ho, ho on...

The impact of The Donald Trump’s shock US presidential victory

Because, if you are as much of a social media animal as I am, the shock of The Donald's election has been a veritable tsunami, setting friends and family against each other in a way not seen since the American Civil War

A bout of the Brexit blues

The future is anything but bright for us Europeans

Summer on the Costa del Sol may have to be spent indoors to avoid beach hut blazes and killer...

If you do own a beach club in Marbella, you are probably in the mood for celebrating that it is still standing

The white stuff: Snow on the Costa del Sol can send even the most respectable folk crazy

When I moved to Spain, however, I abandoned the idea of ever seeing snow on my birthday. Until this year.

Big cat diaries and Ebola baloney

If you think you’ve spotted the Beast of Bodmin it’s only Isis of Istan, Giles’ AWOL black cat




World’s tallest ship to dock at Malaga Port

AT 6am on Tuesday June 15, the world’s tallest ship, Golden Horizon, will make a short stop in Malaga Port, en route from the...


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