Saturday, February 27, 2021

‘Making do with tech as old as me’ – Giles takes a tip from the Wombles for his off-grid...

IF the last couple months of what we can euphemistically refer to as ‘This, that and the other’ have taught me one...

Never mind the molluscs

The Zebra Mussel is the least of your worries this autumn, reveals Giles Brown

Loud and Clear!

Back in Blighty Giles Brown gets both a drenching and a culture shock

September, the most wonderful time of the year

SEPTEMBER has finally arrived and brings with it the more than welcome cooler weather, less traffic and, generally, less hassle - although trying to...

More Yoda than yoga

Giles Brown's first experience of hot yoga...

Mountain high

The most important thing about any ascent is getting an early start

Giles Brown realised he wasn’t the only one heading for the beach post-lockdown as Spain’s Costa del Sol gets...

HOW were things for you in the first weeks of the ‘new normal’? As I mentioned before, I was...

Bye bye beardy

After two and a bit years of sporting a beard, columnist Giles Brown decides to go clean shaven for the summer

LOOK OF LUX: Giles Brown is an expert at picking out a face in a crowd, even in Spain’s...

“Basically, one of the things that attracts mosquitoes is if you are sexually active,” she said, looking straight at me

13th-century man

No car, heating or electricity… is this the dark ages?

Loud and Clear!

Giles Brown brings his own view on life in Spain

Get your Rock off! Life on the frontline between Spain and the UK

I'm writing this column from an office overlooking the Med and just popped my head out of the window to see if the Armada had just sailed past

A trip to the hospital in Spain has turned Giles Brown into a bookworm with six pack abs and...

Spraining an ankle is not a training programme that I would recommend, but there is an upside!

Having a fine time!

Olive Press columnist Giles Brown gets on the wrong side of the law

Loud and Clear

Columnist Giles Brown gets frenzied about football and the legacy of liberty

Loud and Clear!

Believe it or not, in this issue's column Giles is giving fashion hints...

After two more gangland killings, Giles Brown calls for end to violence in Marbella and on Spain’s Costa del...

Marbella needs to take a long, hard look at the problem before it spirals any further out of control

EXCLUSIVE : the Olive Press has Breakfast with Berkoff

Giles Brown meets his theatre hero and comes over all starstruck

Toy Story April Fools was too believable for far-fetched Marbella

Giles Brown's April Fools gaffe and remembering Ronnie Corbett

Going to blazes

Giles Brown escapes an inferno and for once it wasn’t his sex that was on fire

Happy birthday to me!

Columnist Giles Brown on his big birthday surprise

Dealing with the Marbs high season and its struggles

Columnist Giles Brown recounts the tales of a battered Brit and projectile weapons

Faux pas fashion

It’s been a journey of sartorial trial and error for this Marbella ma


DEAR JENNIFER:- Why do I need to get insurance and funeral plans urgently sorted now?

I personally am feeling very upset about Brexit as no lorries seem to be getting here and English supermarkets are getting emptier...