Sunday, September 27, 2020

Quaking in my boots

Sleeping through seismic disturbances on the coast

Loud and Clear: The Costa del Sol Boar Wars have begun says Giles Brown

British expat Giles Brown is gearing up for the boar wars

Loud and Clear UK: Life on Marlbs

Barbour jackets and chocolate labradors almost tempt Giles to move to Marlborough

Loud and Clear!

In which our man shows he has more bolas than most!

Big cat diaries and Ebola baloney

If you think you’ve spotted the Beast of Bodmin it’s only Isis of Istan, Giles’ AWOL black cat

Famous last words

Why I fear I will go out with a whimper rather than a bang

Loud and Clear!

Giles Brown brings his own view on life in Spain

A racy weekend among the Who’s Who of F1 at Silverstone

I WAS back in the UK last month for the British Grand Prix.  Regular readers of my witterings will know that one of the great...

Having a fine time!

Olive Press columnist Giles Brown gets on the wrong side of the law

A bout of the Brexit blues

The future is anything but bright for us Europeans

Happy birthday to me!

Columnist Giles Brown on his big birthday surprise

Casita del Loco!

Olive Press columnist Giles Brown's reflection on livin' la vida lago!

AUGUST ANGST: Summer in southern Spain presents some interesting challenges

Well, summer has finally arrived. By the time you have this article in your hot little hands – quite literally  - it’ll be the...

New Year resolutions: Finding time to maintain personal promises can be a drag

It’s the first month of 2018 and that cracking and dull thudding sound that you hear all around you is the unmistakable noise of people’s New Year resolutions breaking and hitting the ground.

Taking a look at Life on Marbs

It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it…

Giles Brown is stuck in ‘festive no man’s land’

Giles Brown CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it through to another year, as well as getting through that testing time...

13th-century man

No car, heating or electricity… is this the dark ages?

A fresh start?

After the widespread cull of some of my favourite icons – Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali-that was 2016-as well the Brexit and Trump votes, 2017 was supposed to be a belter of a year

Merry Winterval!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Apparently. So I'll try not to hum my bug...

Je suis Paris

With friends all over the world, the Paris attacks felt closer to home than ever

Triffid trouble…

...Giles Brown discovers something lurking in his garden...and his living room!

Halloween horrors and agave agro

Columnist Giles Brown on how to deal with trick or treaters and his infamous big plant

What if Marbella entered the Olympics?

What events could Marbs expect to win Olympic medals in?

Loud and clear!

Giles Brown forgets to chant 'White Rabbits' and still regrets it weeks later