Friday, July 1, 2022

Mario Alegria - Our Man in Madrid

A new dawn for Andalucia

Andalucia should wake up to an entirely new political scenario on Monday morning

Is political spin enough to save the PP?

The Popular Party has acknowledged that it may lose seats to the up-and-rising conservative group Ciudadanos

Ganging up

There is everything to play for in the run-up to the elections

The migration game

Plans to use Algeciras as a clearing port for Europe’s migrant quotas could leave Spain carrying the can

Spanish general election voter boycott on the cards

Many are fed up with Rajoy’s stubbornness to seek a viable solution to put an end to the political crisis

Changing channel

A public auction has been held for six new national television station licences

Will anything change? Panama papers fallout

What will be the fallout from the leaked Panama Papers?

Catalan collision course: Artur Mas and Mariano Rajoy square-off

With the Catalan referendum drawing ever closer, Artur Mas and Mariano Rajoy step up their war of words

Spain will be watching

Andalucia's regional elections will measure how much punch Podemos can deliver

Medical tourism in Spain?

Healthcare is set to be a major issue in this upcoming election race, writes our man in Madrid, Mario Alegria

Is Jeremy Corbyn the British Pablo Iglesias?

New Labour frontman Corbyn stands to scare off voters if he doesn’t keep his distance from Podemos, writes Mario Alegre

Stalemate in Spanish government

Political uncertainty continues in Madrid with major parties at loggerheads

Divide and conquer?

As Madrid Socialists cast out stalwart Tomas Gomez, PP ranks prepare for power play, writes Mario Alegria

Show of force

Record Catalan voter turnout cannot be seen as a frontrunner for the independence movement

Wanted: Fair play

Spain’s extradition system is strictly tit for tat

No new ideas and no new strategies for June 26 election campaign

It appears the four political parties are again more interested in taking over government in a protagonist role

A load of old bull

Spanish banks sound bullish on the economy but they’re still too ‘bear’ to lend money

Spanish general election voter boycott on the cards

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has said he hopes he doesn’t have to deal with the inflamed Catalonia situation until after the December 20 race

No winners in the EU debate

A political dream by ambitious euro- sceptics has become a nightmare

Price of freedom

Spain is setting a precedent for tracking European jihadis

What a Twit Zapata has been…

The Madrid councillor slammed for anti-semitic tweets years ago should know better, writes our man in the capital, Mario Alegria

Is it over for Mariano Rajoy?

Rajoy has been unable to come to terms with the fact that he is the obstacle for a successful coalition

Spain’s political chaos continues

Catalan upheaval is a reflection of political unrest throughout Spain





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