Tuesday, January 19, 2021

How to accept your desires and lead a fulfilling life

Why do so many of us create a life that is not really desirable?

Don’t be a groaning guiri!

Olive Press columnist Martina Willis of The Source Of Wellbeing spa in Malaga dishes out tough love for ‘typical expats’

Courage: My recipe for success

Olive Press columnist Martina Willis, owner of Malaga’s The Source Of Wellbeing spa, reflects on her own journey of discovery

Mañana mañana

Working out the ‘Andalucian Way’

Understanding the ‘helper syndrome’

Southern Spain is the land of many opportunities, but even more lost people, writes columnist Martina Willis

Paradise found: My source of wellbeing

In a new, colourful monthly column, Martina Willis describes her transition from a boardroom boss to the owner of an Andalucian wellness spa