Monday, August 3, 2020

A tax that makes no sense

The Catastral value of your property could bring the tax man knocking, writes Richard Alexander

New Year’s revolutions

2015 looks to be a year of politics and pensions

All aboard the investment rollercoaster

In a volatile market there are ups and downs, hence the need for careful financial planning, says Richard Alexander

Back to the future

Retirement planning – know where you’re heading

The Ghosts of Christmas

What the Dickens does the new year hold for your money?

The Autumn Statement – What’s new?

What non-UK-resident property owners need to know

ISAs – getting NISA or nastier?

Olive Press columnist Richard Alexander on the ups and downs of Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) for expats

Eyes peeled for pension liberation scams

Cashing in your nest egg for that shiny Lamborghini? Beware the predators, writes Richard Alexander

Understanding unfunded pensions

Columnist Richard Alexander continues to reveal the mysteries of unfunded pensions

Scottish Referendum: What next?

With the vote cast, the future’s looking good for the UK economy writes Richard Alexander

The end is nigh!

Preparation now could save grief at the end of the tax year, writes Richard Alexander

Current account crisis on the Rock

Columnist Richard Alexander advises what to do with your Gibraltarian current account

Are you being advised or just sold to?

Make sure your financial advice is just that...advice!

Death tax cut

Finance expert Richard Alexander looks at moves to cut death benefit tax

UK Budget pension reforms – third and final part!

Columnist Richard Alexander finishes his trilogy on what the UK Budget means for expats

Are you an ‘orphan policyholder’?

If you have a pension, investment or life insurance product arranged by an adviser who no longer works for you, or has gone out of business, read on, writes Richard Alexander

Beware the pension predators!

Advice for those hatching plans to cash in their ‘nest eggs’ post-Easter

UK budget – Pension reforms – Part 1!

Financial columnist Richard Alexander explores the ins and outs of the UK Budget

Delaying a pension is not always wrong

Deferring your UK State Pension may seem like a crazy idea but there may be method in the madness, writes Richard Alexander

Expats: Check yourself

Flexible new UK pension rules are on the way in but don’t assume they will apply to you, writes Richard Alexander