Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Three Peaks

Playing the markets is common sense, not rocket science, says Salty Dog

SaltyDog: Celebrating five turbulent years

The world needs the optimist and the pessimist but our glass is still half full – cheers!

Backing a winner

Investing is like a day at the races, writes Salty Dog

Fund supermarkets are a great way to self-manage

“Pennies do not fall from heaven, they have to be earned on earth” - Margaret Thatcher

KISS investments

Keep it simple, keep it cheap and keep at it

Bringing up baby

If your savings are your ‘baby’, why entrust them to a babysitter, writes Saltydog

Getting active

Douglas Chadwick of Saltydog Investor on weathering the financial storm...

The DIY guide to growing your money

There’s an alternative to paying someone else to manage your investments, writes Salty Dog's Douglas Chadwick in our new financial column

Buying what’s hot, ditching what’s not

Douglas Chadwick of Saltydog investor explains why they invest in funds... not shares

Backing a winner on the markets

The market is what it is but you can always switch horses midstream, writes SaltyDog

A financial ‘telescope’ is the best way to plot your course

Saltydog looks at the best ways to steady your ship during stormy financial waters

Save your savings!

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their savings