Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Three multiple car thieves caught red-handed and arrested in Murcia car park

OBSERVANT citizens of Murcia helped arrest three alleged car thieves as they witnessed them smashing into cars. CAUGHT...

‘I’M WALKING MY GOAT’ – and 15 other excuses that resulted in police fines during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown

IT has been one week since Pedro Sanchez announced an unprecedented state of alarm across Spain – but still people are bending...

WATCH: Anonymous letter leads to red-handed capture of Spain-based expat who seduced wealthy men before ‘burgling their homes’

AN ANONYMOUS letter has led to the dramatic arrest of a Spain-based expat with a history of seducing wealthy partners before burgling...

Block of flats evacuated in Spain’s Costa Blanca as man torches car in botched insurance scam

MORE THAN €18,000 worth of damage was caused by a Romanian man who torched his own car for the insurance.

AMAZING VIDEO: Massive Mexican drugs haul found in Spain’s Alicante, buried in 25 ton marble blocks

A RECORD-BREAKING haul of hidden narcotics was recovered by Spanish authorities this week, buried within massive blocks of marble.

Three kids stab and rob British tourist in Spain’s Costa Blanca whilst filming attack on their phones

A BRITISH tourist was stabbed, robbed and hospitalised by three children, recording attack on their phones. The trio were...

Drivers put ‘at serious risk’ in Spain’s Costa Blanca, by frauds cheating driving exams

TWO young Alicante men were arrested for cheating and representing others during the theory part of their driving exam, earlier this month.

Apartment owner defrosts rack of RIBS on washing line as residents panic call police over ‘drops of blood’ on...

DEFROSTING a rack of veal ribs on the washing line may have seemed a neat idea at the time.

TV contestant to face prison for starving dog on Costa Blanca

A former TV show contestant has been sentenced to nine months in prison for starving his dog on the Costa Blanca

EXCLUSIVE: Expat, 59, arrested on suspicion of murdering partner in Moraira NAMED as owner of real estate business on...

THE Dutchman arrested on suspicion of murdering his partner and dumping her in a rubbish container in Moraira has been named as...

LETTER: Three tips to spot illegal UK to Spain pet transport operators

THE lamentable animal transport tale revealed by the Olive Press fills my heart with despair – despair because we have been here...

Dutch expat, 59, turns himself in after Romanian partner found decapitated in rubbish container in Teulada-Moraira on Spain’s Costa...

A DUTCH expat has handed himself in to Guardia Civil after confessing to decapitating and dumping his Romanian partner in a rubbish...

Police investigate discovery of body dumped in rubbish container in Teulada-Moraira on Spain’s Costa Blanca

POLICE are investigating the discovery of a body dumped in a plastic rubbish container in Teulada-Moraira on Spain's Costa Blanca.

Valentine surprise for 50 illegals in Costa Blanca town, as armed troops swoop

POLICE FORCES combined in Callosa de Segura to arrest 50 people for violation of the ‘Aliens Act’, on St Valentine’s Day.

Two face jail over Spanish golf resort that became a €54 million swindle

TWO MEN allegedly involved in defrauding hundreds of overseas buyers and investors are facing up to seven years behind bars.

Costa Blanca cops find neighbour’s narcotics factory right under their noses

RAFAL Policia Local couldn’t believe their noses when the distinct aroma of marijuana wafted over one of their buildings in the Costa...

PEOPLE POWER: Alleged burglar arrested after parking poorly in Costa Calida town

LOS NIETOS residents identified an alleged burglar as he attempted to retrieve his car from a tow truck on Saturday.

Facebook recommendation loses British woman €550 after claims pet transport operator operating ‘without licences’ on Spain’s Costa del Sol

SOCIAL media recommendations can be life-saving – but for one over-trusting expat a post led her into the hands of an alleged...

Swedish expat returns to Spain’s Costa Blanca to find house turned into DRUGS DEN guarded by armed trafficker

A SWEDISH expat had the shock of his life when he returned home to find it occupied by an armed drug trafficker.

Seven defendants accused of plotting Costa Blanca mayor’s murder in brothel VIP room acquitted 14 years after the crime

THIRTEEN years after the mayor of a Costa Blanca town was shot in the face and left to die in hospital the...

Costa Calida cops chase fake fundraisers out of town in high-speed pursuit

A ROMANIAN family posing as fundraisers for a deaf-and-dumb charity, have been detained after fleeing from Cabo de Palos, on the Mar...

First new cops in SEVEN years to patrol Costa Blanca beaches preventing illegal traders and more

ORIHUELA Costa’s beaches will soon have a far greater police presence, for the first time since 2013. Bathers' security...

WATCH: Mother of four arrested for child abandonment after newborn baby girl left in Costa Blanca doorway

NATIONAL POLICE have tracked down and arrested the mother of the baby left in an Orihuela doorway last week.

WATCH: Colombian Cocaine Caravans caught in Canary Islands, cartel arrested

AN INTERNATIONAL gang of drug traffickers were busted in a large-scale dawn raid in the Canary Islands. Holiday caravans...

Caught red-handed: Costa Blanca car thieves arrested while going equipped

CREVILLENTE Guardia Civil have arrested two Algerians, suspected of a spate of robberies throughout Costa Blanca South and Murcia.

WATCH: Tonne of narcotics found hidden in furniture leaving Costa Blanca’s Alicante for France – 18 arrested

A DRUGS trafficking operation that transported tonnes of narcotics between Alicante and France has been busted by National Police.