Thursday, August 6, 2020


EU attempts to calm border row between Gibraltar and Spain

Officials express concern over ‘clear inconvenience’ caused by delays

Electric cars at an ‘early stage’ as minister reveals 98% use of fossil fuels

One percent of all vehicles are powered to some extent by electricity, in figures released in Parliament recently,

Storm Bruno set to bring snow to Andalucia, fierce winds to the Balearics

SNOW is predicted to fall in the mountains of Andalucia tomorrow ahead of a week of inclement weather. Storm Bruno will hit the peninsula hard,...

European Commission visit Gibraltar frontier

Delegation take tour of queuing points during visit

Gibraltar schoolgirl reaches semi-final of Spanish TV talent show

Rock sensation appeals for understanding over Spain/Gibraltar identity mix-up as she reaches semi-final of huge Spanish TV talent show

All aboard! Gibraltar to Morocco yacht rally sets sail June 12

More than 35 boats have already registered for the most sociable rally in the world

We are asking that YOU help us to help you

TRUSTED NEWS MATTERS… THE OLIVE PRESS – A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST These are trying times for everyone in Spain. Workers are unsure of their...

Gibraltar tourism will take the biggest hit from COVID-19, says minister

Companies that rely on tourists for money will suffer most from 'the new normal' created by the pandemic as a virus search and destroy mission starts.

Europa Road to reopen Monday after landslide in Gibraltar

A blockage has been identified as the cause of the flooding

British sailor discovers £250,000 worth of Marijuana in the sea off Spain’s south coast

Sailing through the Strait of Gibraltar there are ‘always refugee boats, things like that'

A lot of stress over what exactly?

Olive Press finance writer Ian Le Breton on how the vast majority of Spanish banks have passed the so-called "stress tests"

Christmas with Gibraltar’s Fabian and Justine Picardo

Justine Picardo reveals how her family spends Christmas and reminices over the Chief Minister's marriage proposal

NEVER GONNA GIVE EU UP: Spain political group ‘wants UK back in EU’ even if Brexit happens on October...

“We think Boris Johnson’s deal is a terrible deal and hope for a second referendum"

Gibraltar government ‘concerned’ over Russia’s unofficial Mediterranean navy base

It emerged that leader Vladimir Putin’s vessels are stopping off at least 10 times a year at the Spanish north African enclave of Ceuta

Gibraltar’s local language Llanito is disappearing

Gibraltar's language Llanito drops with generational gap

Royal seal of approval for Gibraltar

The Queen wrote to the people of Gibraltar to thank them for their loyalty

LIVE UPDATES: British father among family of four stabbed to death in Gibraltar

The family were visiting a friend in Gibraltar

Mysterious seagull killer being investigated by Gibraltar environment department

THE death of some yellow-legged gulls could lead to a criminal investigation by the RGP after they were found to be poisoned.

Picardo announces multimillion London ‘home away from home’ for Gibraltarians needing UK hospitals

Plans for the new £8.4 million Calpe House are in motion

Gibraltar aims to solve COVID-19 problems with global online event

BLOCKCHAIN experts from around the world will take on some of the health, economic and social issues created by the pandemic in an August online event.

EXCLUSIVE: Gibraltar to welcome refugee family

The Gibraltar government has confirmed talks are ongoing over which family will come to the Rock

Bullish about Gibraltar property

Property owners await bright 2014, according to report

BREAKING: People being STOPPED entering Spain and Gibraltar

Only Spanish workers with contracts will be allowed to Gibraltar as Gibraltarians are also turned back at the frontier with Spain as the crisis grows.

Gibraltar driven out of the sea

EU set to investigate Gibraltar’s plans to expand into the sea

Gib toll protests

Locals are vowing not to spend money in the neighbouring town

GIBRALTAR ELECTION: The battle for No6

Gibraltar goes to the polls as Feetham and Picardo wait excitedly to see who will be next Chief Minister