Friday, December 13, 2019

Tesla Spain profits soar despite CEO Elon Musk’s blunders, including calling British diver ‘pedo’ and smashing ‘indestructible’ Cybertruck

He was being sued by heroic British diver Vernon Unsworth who rescued children from a Thai cave, after labelling him a ‘pedophile’ on Twitter

WATCH: Level crossing barriers fail to close as car narrowly avoids train in shock Spanish dashcam video

LEVEL crossing barriers have failed to close in a shocking dashcam video in northern Spain. Point-of-view footage shows the...

90 km/h speed cameras branded ‘illegal’ after motoring association reveals law allowing cars to break speed limit when overtaking

SPAIN'S traffic regulator has come under fire after a motoring organisation claimed the country's 90 km/h speed cameras are issuing 'illegal' fines.

¿QUE? New road marking reads SOTP instead of STOP at Costa Blanca T-junction

NEW road markings in a Costa Blanca town have come under fire after photographs surfaced of a T-junction reading 'SOTP' instead of...

Zebra crossing ‘in the middle of nowhere’ sparks outrage in rural northern Spain

A ZEBRA crossing 'in the middle of nowhere' has sparked outrage and confusion rural northern Spain. A video...

Electric scooter riders to face fines ‘up to €500’ for riding without helmets and on city pavements in Alicante

POLICE in Alicante will have powers to fine electric scooter riders up to €500 for riding without a helmet or using city...

City-wide curfew and ‘Level One Emergency’ in Orihuela as Costa Blanca deals with torrential floods

CITIZENS of Orihuela have been told to stay indoors as the Municipal Operational Cooperation Center (CECOPAL) raises to a 'Level 1 Emergency'...

Electric scooter riders soon to require helmet and insurance on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ELECTRIC scooter riders will soon require a helmet and insurance in new measures to be 'imminently' introduced in Alicante.

British-run transfer company on Costa Blanca ‘first in Spain’ to upgrade VTC-licenced diesel minivan to dual fuel

A BRITISH-RUN transfer company on the Costa Blanca has been the ‘first in Spain’ to upgrade a VTC-licensed diesel car to dual...