Monday, February 6, 2023

National News

Fake Ferrari gang busted in Spain

Police seize imitation sports cars following complaint from famous car manufacturer

Emma’s gone Harry potty for Spanish rocker

Harry Potter beauty Emma Watson has been linked with a Spanish romance

Susana Diaz denies illegal funding of PSOE and refuses to apologise in fiery argument with PP

Diaz constantly interrupted the Senator and managed to evade the most controversial questions about corruption on Andalucia

EXCLUSIVE : Over 96% of Madrid’s hotels FULL as prices skyrocket to €26,000 for two nights on Champions League...

A two night stay on the weekend of May 31 to June 2 could be the most expensive ever in Spanish (even European history)

VIDEO: Distressed bull has its horns set on fire in Valencia

It happened at the El Toro Embolado event

Home delivery company Glovo fined €56.7 million for breaking Spain’s employment laws

Home delivery firm Glovo has been fined €56.7 million for breaking employment laws in Spain The Labour Inspectorate said the penalties were for taking on...

Worried about the reintroduction of mobile phone data roaming fees in Spain and the EU?

  YET another unfortunate casualty of Brexit is free roaming. Despite promising not to, many UK networks have announced that they will reintroduce roaming charges...

VIDEO: Shocking moment police officer dragged under train at Madrid station

Pair fall onto tracks after a scuffle broke out on the platform

BREAKING: Spain sees almost as many recoveries from coronavirus as new cases in past 24 hours in strongest sign...

SPAIN'S coronavirus infection has rate dropped to a new low this morning with 3,045 new cases confirmed between Monday and Tuesday.  That's down from the...

Guardia Civil campaign begs drivers to give cyclists a 1.5metre berth

There were 6,890 cyclist accidents in 2014

Spain looks to pass new temporary wealth tax to help fight inflation after the Ukraine war, its treasury minister...

SPAIN’S left-wing coalition government is hoping to slap a two-year tax on the richest 1% of the population by next year to fight inflation,...

German tourist drowns while swimming at beach on Orihuela coast

No lifeguards on duty at Cala del Bosque beach in La Zenia as they had finished for the summer

Top hotels awarded at luxury Marbella award ceremony

Hotel owners flew in from across the globe

WATCH: Message of solidarity from Spain to British expats as more than 50,000 UK nationals apply for TIE card...

MORE than 50,000 Brits have applied for the new TIE residency card since it was introduced in July of this year. According to the...

British prisoner put on suicide watch in Spanish jail

Mother awaiting trial for murdering her two children now under 24-hour surveillance after paedophile partner found hanged

The Prado museum fires back after news leaked about missing artwork

The museum's press officials have released a statement saying they've known about it for years

Bull gores 60-year-old man to death during festival in Spain

His death is said to be the first in the local event's history

68 child sex abuse investigations involving Spain’s Catholic Church are revealed

68 cases of alleged child sex abuse connected to the Catholic Church are currently being investigated in Spain. Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, ordered 17 regional...

Almost 500 people drowned in Spain last year, Andalucia second deadliest region

ALMOST 500 people drowned in Spain in 2017, new figures have revealed.  According to the national lifeguard federation, 481 met their deaths in Spanish seas...

WATCH: “Hero” firefighters bring first wave of Ukraine refugees to safety on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AFTER a 6,000km round trip, a team of Alicante province firefighters have brought 27 Ukrainian refugees to the safety of Costa Blanca. Nine volunteers used...

Spain to consider using drones to patrol border fences on Morocco border

It comes just days after hundreds of migrants stormed into the country from Morocco

Malaga officially the fastest growing tourist destination in Spain thanks to surge in British visitors

MALAGA is officially the fastest growing urban tourist destination in Spain, new figures have shown. According to the town hall, the city hosted more than...

These four seaside towns are officially the sunniest in Spain and they’re not on the Costa del Sol

THINK of Spain and you’ll undoubtedly think of sun-soaked days at the beach. But despite its name, the Costa del Sol isn’t actually the...

Spanish government wants to make it legal to KILL bulls again after it was banned on Balearic Islands just...

MADRID has announced that it is contesting a law on the Balearic Islands which bans the killing of bulls in bullfights. A spokesman for the...





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