Monday, October 18, 2021

National News

Mother and toddler left homeless after violent drug-taking squatters take over flat in Spain’s Andalucia and police ‘do nothing’...

Desokupa, a private company dedicated to kicking out squatters, says it has seen a 300% increase in web traffic since the end of the lockdown

Spain blasts UK for not identifying potential victim in London terror attack quick enough

The foreign minister said the British government needs to do 'everything humanly possible'

Revolutionary ocean-cleaning bins begin trial in Spain

The bins are hoping to be produced worldwide in January

EasyJet flight to Malaga diverted to collect first aid kit

Flight delayed by two hours after ‘ludicrous’ stop-off for medical supplies in Madrid

Spain’s first three-legged pony with an artificial leg dies

Injured Faith donates leg to second amputee pony, Iris

GETTING SHIRTY: Spain releases its World Cup football kit and some people are NOT happy

SPAIN’S new shirt for the 2018 World Cup in Russia has caused an uproar with fans threatening to boycott buying the ‘Republican’ shirt. It...

Three of Spain’s wines are amongst the world’s best bottles for under $20

Eric Asimov of The New York Times included the Madrid Granito de Cadalso, the Grancanario Fronton de Oro and the Cadiz Vara y Pulgar in his top 20 wines for under $20 list.

Catalan separatist parties win historic election as referendum clash looms

Artur Mas's Junts Pel Si party and hard-left CUP scoop 72 seats but fall short of overall majority of votes

Spanish car hire firms scamming thousands of tourists, claims watchdog

Watchdog claims Spain’s car-hire firms are scamming thousands of holidaymakers

Pilgrims become litter pickers as they walk in bid to clean up Spain’s Camino de Santiago

PILGRIMS walking the Camino de Santiago are being asked to do more than just purify their souls, but to take on another form of...

What’s the worst that can happen to your investment or pension in Spain?

by Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons) Managing Partner Chorus Financial Often the first question asked by clients considering an investment or pension with Chorus Financial! So,...

Richest and poorest towns named in Spain

With just 12% unemployment and an average income of €54,000 it comes as no surprise that those with most cash in their wallets live in Madrid’s Pozuelo de Alarcon

Thousands ask Google to remove details of their past following Court ruling in favour of Spanish man

People with criminal convictions are demanding news stories be wiped from searches, after the European Court of Justice's ruling that people have a 'right to be forgotten'

Rio’n’Roo’s Ibiza revels

IT should be a quiet few days. Wayne Rooney is to celebrate his stag weekend in Ibiza. The England striker is bringing a dozen of the...

UK dole claimants in Spain: looking for jobs, or just ‘sunning themselves’?

UK ministers seek to tighten up rules allowing Brits to claim Jobseekers' Allowance while living in Spain

Smile, or lose our tourists

Grumpy, long faced Spaniards are being taught to be polite

BREAKING: Death toll and infection rate back on the decline in good sign for Spain’s coronavirus battle

SPAIN is back on the decline in terms of COVID-19 death and infection rates.  According to the Health Ministry, 605 people died from coronavirus in...

New, more infectious strain of COVID-19 detected in Gibraltar but ‘no record of it in Spain’ – all you...

THE new coronavirus strain which is up to 70% more infectious has now been detected in Gibraltar and around the world. It was first...

Rocking the boat

Cruise liner crews drop anchor and refuse to budge from Gibraltar harbour in labour dispute

James McAvoy warns tourists on social media after almost falling for €11,000 hotel scam in Spain

The X-Men actor was almost duped out of £10,000 when booking a holiday in Tenerife

Spain’s ‘gag law’ approved by senate

The controversial new security law will be ratified next month

Ministers ‘clarify’ that you CAN visit homes of friends and family from May 11 after Spain PM said...

IT seems even the prime minister and his government aren't exactly sure of the rules of their four-step coronavirus plan.  People were delighted to hear...

Sacked Vatican gay priest in Barcelona with boyfriend slams Catholic Church

Krzysztof Charamsa hits out at Pope Francis after leaving with Catalan boyfriend

British ‘most wanted’ suspect arrested by Spanish police

Shane Walford, who killed an off-duty fireman in 2010, has been detained in the Canary Islands

Jihadi terrorists threaten Spain’s King Felipe and two daughters

Threatening note uncovered in police raids

Baby joy for Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

Spanish actors have confirmed reports that they are expecting their second child




Explainer: Everything you need to know about a pension plan in Spain

AS stated in the General State Budgets for 2022,  the Spanish government wants to introduce changes to tax relief on contributions to individual and...


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