Monday, March 18, 2019

One dead and 11 injured after scaffolding collapses at Ritz Hotel in Spain

Scaffolding in the inner courtyard fell from the sixth floor to the first taking workers with it

CANDY CRUSH: 400 of biggest brands in Spain set for huge sugar tax in bid to improve health

The government hopes to reduce salt by 16%, trans-fats by at least 5% and packaged meat - such as ham, turkey breast, sausage and chorizo - products by 10%

Moroccan women trampled to death at Spain border

TWO Moroccan women have been trampled to death during a 'crush' at Spain's border with Morocco. The pair, around 40 years of age, were reportedly...

HUNDREDS of migrants including newborn babies rescued by Spain amid stormy sea conditions

HUNDREDS of migrants have been rescued by Spain amid stormy sea conditions.  Some 329 people, including newborn babies, had to be rescued after their wooden...

New Spanish PM Rajoy on the ropes

Finally whispers of a return to the peseta and IMF bailouts if Rajoy doesn't get a move on to allay jittery markets

Body of newborn baby found inside bag at recycling plant in Granada

Reportedly, between the ages of eight or nine months, the lifeless body was found inside a bag by workers at the plant in Alhendin. 

Telefonica not involved in TIM Brasil bid

Telecoms provider denies rumours in stockmarket statement

Crackdown on sex offenders working in Spain

New certificate will help improve safety of children in Spain

Drug trafficking arrests in Andalucia soar, new figures reveal

A government spokesman put the increase in arrests down to ‘exceptional work’

Mother of Ronaldo’s baby revealed

The football ace's baby came from a one-night stand with a penniless Los Angeles waitress

Spanish government cars to be axed

Reduction of two thirds on offical cars as part of cost-cutting exercise

Greenpeace facing tough punishment in Valencia for nuclear plant protest

Activists and AFP photojournalist facing three-year sentences

WATCH: Spain warship playing national anthem illegally INVADES British waters off Gibraltar

There have been growing tensions between the UK and Spain since discussions over the future of Gibraltar’s sovereignty emerged following Brexit talks

Spain facing €580 million losses after Russia bans EU food

Small farms are bearing the brunt of the sanctions

World’s biggest airport company hits the market this autumn

Spain's Aena Aeropuertos company, owner of Luton Airport, is worth billions in Europe's biggest trade this year

Mafia mansion in Barcelona squatted

Multi-million Barcelona mansion of mafia boss squatted by four friends

Spanish parliament scrap plans to change property law

The proposals were planned to protect homeowners who ‘paid in good faith’ for ‘irregular homes’ constructed on illegal or protected land

Spanish bank borrowing falls as confidence returns

Thirteenth consecutive month of falls in borrowing from ECB

Building collapse kills three

THREE people died after a residential building collapsed in the northern city of Santander. Rescue workers found the body of a 70-year-old woman soon after...

Telefonica slapped with half a million euro fine

Spain's largest mobile phone operator blocked access to 11 premium text message numbers

Drink company’s new app saves Sevilla strawberry farmers billions of litres of water

Innocent began developing the app with farmers at Doñana National Park

Ready Steady Caught

Antony Worrall Thompson busted for shop lifting five times over Christmas

BROKEN BRITAIN: London, Scotland and Wales demand single market access after Theresa May’s rumoured Northern Ireland concession

LONDON, Scotland and Wales have all demanded the same Brexit deal purportedly being offered to Northern Ireland.  As Theresa May meets with chief EU negotiators...

Spanish technology company pioneers 3D printed food

The kitchen accessory of tomorrow could be a 3D printer

Spain turns volume down

Reputed to be one of the loudest countries in the world, Spanish town halls are cracking down on noise pollution

Bees get a buzz out of Spanish artist Picasso

Study finds bees have remarkable capacity for processing visual information, including identifying paintings