Tuesday, May 11, 2021

National News

Protesters strip naked to make a point against animal cruelty

Demonstrators put on a naked show in Barcelona

Husband of Spain child killer is ‘Most Wanted’ sex offender

Martin Anthony Smith was recently extradited from Barcelona

New Google tax plan has Spain in an uproar

News aggregator sites like Google News will be subject to new taxes under the bill

CORONAVIRUS: Spain declares state of emergency and today’s other main updates

120 people have died and 4,200 have been infected

Spain’s handling of coronavirus pandemic praised as ‘heroic’ and ‘innovative’ by WHO

SPAIN'S handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been branded 'heroic' by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Canadian doctor Bruce Aylward, who led the organisation's mission...

BREAKING: Football match fixers in Spain jailed

NINE people have been jailed in Spain for colluding to fix the result of football matches. It is the first time anyone has been...

Thousands of expats to be able to vote in next UK election

Even if they have lived abroad more than 15 years

Zapatero stung by land-grab criticism

Spanish leader’s trip to Strasbourg mired by Euro MP’s warning

Basque Patxi Lopez announces PSOE leadership bid as race for top spot begins

Andalucia head Susana Diaz is also expected to run

Five exceptions that permit travel between provinces in Spain regardless of COVID-19 lockdown Phase

Since the state of alarm was decreed in Spain as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, movement between provinces has been restricted.

Coronavirus impact on Spain’s economy is worse than we feared

SPAIN'S government has slashed its forecast for economic recovery during 2021 blaming a COVID-induced contraction in the first quarter and delays to the arrival...

Meltdown in Spain

The economy is on the brink of collapse, threatening to take the euro down with it

BREAKING: Brits and non-EU travellers barred from entering Spain until June 15 – except in these 8 circumstances

SPAIN has extended its ban on non-EU travellers entering the country to June 15.  It has outlawed citizens arriving from so-called third countries since March...

ALL ABOARD: First EVER ferry link between Ireland and Spain announced

THE first ever ferry link between Ireland and Spain has been announced by Brittany Ferries. The company presented its new route from Cork to northern...

BREAKING: ALL international travellers arriving to England MUST produce negative COVID-19 test

ANYONE travelling to England from abroad must produce a negative coronavirus test to enter the country, the Government has announced. Much like Spain, the...

Spanish mermaid academy makes a splash!

Spanish academy lures hundreds of would-be mermaids from all over the world

Spain: Must do better

Only Portugese and Hungarians worse linguists than the Spanish. UK is a classic C-student

Quest for the Holy Grail leads to Leon

Ancient goblet has been taken off display in a Spanish church, after historians identified it as the Holy Grail

Men gored in backside and scrotum and at least seven wounded after second run of Pamplona’s San Fermin festival

One participant was hurled high in the air and smashed back down on the ground

Ex-monk’s mission to finish building cathedral before he dies

After recovering from tuberculosis, Don Justo began to build a cathedral using recycled materials, half a century later he hasn't slowed down

Missing Cuenca women found dead

The ex-boyfriend of one victim is being sought for the killing

Three Brits die from Legionnaires’ disease in Spain

The pensioners had been staying at the Diamante Beach Hotel in Calpe, in Valencia

Volcanic ash cloud forces Barcelona to change their travel plans

The team will head to London early ready for Champions League Final but the fans may get left behind

Spanish police search People’s Party HQ

Conclusion of raid not yet known