Tuesday, October 27, 2020

‘ABSOLUTE FILTH’: British comedian Ricky Gervais SLAMS participants of Spanish ‘horse-wrestling’ festival

It comes as Gervais, who is a consistent supporter of animal rights, criticised a Spanish matador in May, for wiping the tears of a dying bull, calling him a ‘sequinned c**t’

Death toll reaches seven as body of Dutchman found near Dolores following deadly Costa Blanca floods

GUARDIA Civil have recovered the body of the seventh flood victim following catastrophic weather that hit the Costa Blanca last week.

‘UNACCEPTABLE’: Spain’s Pedro Sanchez hits back at Donald Trump’s tariffs on Spanish wine, cheese, olives and pork

"My responsibility as prime minister is to defend the agricultural sector in the face of any attempt to railroad us with tariffs"

Expat priest ‘raped poverty-stricken girl’ INSIDE Evangelical church in Spain’s Madrid and ‘gave her €50 each time for her...

A PRIEST has been arrested after allegedly sexually abusing a 17-year-old church-goer. The 49-year-old allegedly took advantage of the girl, knowing her family were extremely...

Olive Press offers Greta Thunberg lift to key Spain climate summit

“It turns out I’ve travelled halfway around the world, the wrong way,” the teen wrote on her Twitter account, which has three million followers

SPEXIT: Twitter users urge far-right Vox to call for Spain style Brexit – but how popular is the idea?

SPEXIT has been trending on Twitter after the European Court of Justice ruled a jailed Catalan separatist leader should have parliamentary immunity. Far-right supporters are...

Spain’s tap water among Europe’s most DANGEROUS, study finds, increasing risk of bladder cancer

SPAIN is one of the countries in Europe with the most dangerous tap water, it has been revealed.

Madrid closes ALL museums in the capital due to Spain’s coronavirus outbreak

The Ministry of Culture has announced the closure from March 12; the Prado has not closed its doors since March 2004, after the attacks of 11-M

WATCH: Police on horseback chase down cyclist in Spain amid coronavirus lockdown

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkLrkMHPphc THIS is the moment Policia Nacional were filmed chasing down a cyclist amid the coronavirus lockdown.  Two officers can be seen patrolling the streets on...

Spain’s king and queen cancel state visit to USA in midst of coronavirus pandemic

SPAIN’S King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have postponed a state visit to the USA due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

‘Real estate’ in Spain will live up to its name and hold firm during the COVID-19 crisis, predicts agent...

Once life returns to normal, the country will remain a great place to live and spend time for those lucky enough to own property here

BREAKING: Spain’s coronavirus death toll surpasses 20,000

MORE than 20,000 people have died from COVID-19 in Spain.  With 565 deaths confirmed in the past 24 hours, it brings the total death toll...

EXPLAINED: Everything Spain’s children CAN and CAN’T do from April 26, including running, jumping, beaches and parks under new...

What exactly are the country’s youngest citizens permitted to do outside? When and where can they do it? And who must accompany them?

This May Day in Spain will differ to the 125 celebrated before

The confinement established by the ‘state of alert’ to stop the pandemic caused by COVID-19 will offer a singular image of ‘Workers Day’.

BREAKING: Spain extends coronavirus state of alarm until May 24

THE Spanish Congress has agreed to extend the state of alarm until May 24. Despite wavering support for the...

Spain planning on keeping borders closed ‘until July’, government sources claim

GOVERNMENT sources have revealed that Spain is planning to keep borders closed to most international travellers until July.  According to Reuters, the move is a...

Lone wolf terror suspect in Spain ‘planned to bomb Barcelona-Real Madrid football match using explosive-laden drone’

A SUSPECTED ‘lone wolf’ terrorist had been plotting to bomb a Barcelona versus Real Madrid match using a drone.

Spain will seek sixth and final extension of coronavirus state of alarm until end of June

THE Government has revealed it will be seeking a sixth and final extension to the state of alarm that will cover the COVID-19 de-escalation...

OPINION: The insults levelled at Vice President Pablo Iglesias’ father shame Spanish politics

THE current crop of insults traded in Spain’s national parliament, Los Cortes, included one from the Partido Popular (PP) spokesperson Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo...

Bank of Spain estimates the economy will shrink by up to 15% due to coronavirus crisis

THE Bank of Spain has estimated that the economy will shrink by 15% due to the coronavirus crisis.

Barcelona opera house reopens with concert for plants

BARCELONA’S Liceu opera house is reopening on Monday (June 22) with a concert in front of a planted audience.

TRAVEL: Online searches for Spanish domestic flights to Malaga Airport surge by 523% in a week as Costa del...

Ryanair, EasyJet and Vueling are the main airline companies to offer flights to Malaga

BREAKING: Number of coronavirus infections in Spain rises for second consecutive day

THE number of coronavirus infections in Spain during the last 24 hours has risen for the second consecutive day.

BREAKING: Spain reports 2,045 new COVID-19 cases and three deaths since Friday as ‘120 active outbreaks’ push ‘highest numbers...

SPAIN has registered 2,045 new COVID-19 cases and three deaths since Friday. This marks the country's highest coronavirus figures...

TUI and Jet2 cancel all flights and holidays to Spain’s Balearic and Canary Islands after UK travel advice update

Ryanair, meanwhile, is still maintaining its flight schedule between the UK and Spain

Former King Juan Carlos imposes self-exile as he vows to leave Spain ‘to let his son rule in peace’...

The royal Juan Carols de Borbon will not be giving up his title but will be leaving the Zarzuela palace, and the country