Tuesday, May 17, 2022


British expats in Spain and across Europe welcome UK move to scrap 15-year voting rule

THE 15-year cut-off date that prevents an estimated one million overseas Brits from voting in UK parliamentary election is about to be scrapped, writes Sue Wilson...

Covid cancelled Christmas: One reader’s experience of a rather different celebration in Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands

Faced with spending Christmas alone in a cold flat in Madrid after Covid scuppered a return to see family in Scotland, Sarah Crozier made the last minute decision to book a trip to Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands.

Bye bye, Cilla

Cilla, rest in peace, and thank you for entertaining us in such style, with such charisma, for so many years

OPINION: Expats will make all the difference in tomorrow’s elections, both as candidates and in the polling booths

Above all, ensure you vote for the local team that best understands the wealth and diversity we bring to their towns

OPINION: Spain may be hosting the pivotal COP25 climate conference, but Madrid may need to rethink its approach to...

“People are lazy about not using their cars,” says volunteer Cristina Gomez. “There’s no excuse. We have a very good public transport system”

TOO HOT TO HANDLE: Spain’s singer Rosalia receives criticism for explicit music video that triggered global debate

ROSALIA is the singing superstar who won the first Grammy for an all-Spanish album. Merging pop and flamenco genres, the singer has pioneered Spanish...

Life in Spain: Driving has improved and I’ve learnt the Spanish way of queuing

FIFTEEN YEARS ago today I was living in sleepysville Extremadura and Rafa Nadal was the new national hero.  The Spaniard won his second French Open...

Life in Spain and in the press leaves no regrets for Olive Press News Editor Dilip Kuner

OLIVE Press News Editor Dilip Kuner knew he’d ‘made it in journalism’ when he saw the flashing blue lights while trying to stand up...

Catch him: Mark Acklom web of lies has no end

His lies seem to know no bounds

OPINION: War on Terraces

As the Olive Press highlighted last year the stark truth is up to 42% of all the 1,650 terraces in Palma are at risk

International Women’s Day: We only ask for equality

The fight continues in 2020 for a just and fair society where, as females, all we want is to be seen and treated as equals

Michelin star chefs are true heroes

The chefs behind the 21 new Michelin ‘Green Stars’ are among the true heroes of Spain. This select, forward-thinking group have been championing sustainability in...

OPINION: Green list for Mallorca was not just about holidaymakers

IT was great news when the UK government put the Balearic Islands on the Green list, especially as I’d booked for my son to...

DROP OF COMMON SENSE: Are humans to blame for the floods that have ravaged Spain’s Costa del Sol?

Heavy rainfall is not a recent phenomenon, but Mediterranean sea warming and building in the wrong places is adding to the recent flooding problems, writes Harry Ward

Belinda Beckett reveals the jargon which makes her stomach turn

Had Shakespeare himself been around today, he would be having a Twelfth Nightmare trying to fit sayings like ‘the feel-good-factor’ into a rhyming couplet.

OPINION: The news of British PM stepping in to support family after tragic British boy’s death in Mallorca could...

We need to act and to ensure there can be no more untimely deaths

OPINION: Now that euthanasia is legal in Spain how can we ensure we safeguard the most vulnerable in society

Let’s get this straight. Everybody has the right to die. Full stop, put the kettle on, I might as well end the argument here....

Don’t look back: A year of ‘thank heavens we live in Spain and not the UK’

Jo Chipchase, a Brit living in Spain, looks back on 2021, a year marked by the continued pandemic and the fallout from Brexit.





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