Monday, October 21, 2019

Policing paedophiles in Spain

Greater cooperation required to monitor the movement of sex offenders in Europe

Innocent in jail?

The tale of a Dutchman's jail nightmare which turned out to be a huge miscarriage of justice

Spanish authorities need to acknowledge the reality of drink-spiking

While we ignore the problem, rapists and thieves are walking free

Why work hard?

The mystery to Spain's economic woes may lie in their work ethos

Iraq, Syria and the UK happier places than Spain

Statistics released by the Happy Planet index make bleak reading for Spain's residents

Continually breaking boilers

The Olive Press has a history of exposing and fighting boiler room crime

Greedy bankers

Bankers embroiled in the expenses scandal at Caja Madrid and Bankia should really come as no surprise

The Olive Press scoops Costa Press Club awards

Reporters pick up southern Spain's key journalism prize

False Maddie trails

The Olive Press considers the impact of the publicity surrounding the toddler's disappearance

Will UKIP Rock the Rock?

Gibraltar has been a melting pot of nationalities and faiths through the centuries

Rubbish idea

The Olive Press weighs in on the new construction projects tearing through the Spanish countryside

David’s in the dog house

Klein cannot deny the embarrassing irony of this whole affair

Best of British expat writers

The Olive Press celebrates expat writers Gerald Brenan and Chris Stewart

Travelodge mafia

The old adage of ‘one rule for one, and one rule for another’ has never been truer in Loma de Vera

Charity starts at home on the Costa del Sol

We consider the issue of homelessness on the Costa del Sol

Was Amy Abandoned?

It is with heavy hearts that we publish the investigative piece on Amy Fitzpatrick

Animal rescue crisis

The Olive Press is giving its full support to whatever is now deemed best for the animals at Kim's Animal Rescue Centre

Marbella’s got talent

The coast’s most irritating lounge lizard is back for a summer missive... wearing just his Dolce & Banana thong

Nigel Goldman: Responsible reporting

The paper that REALLY cares... now with added moral fibre

Olive Press new year predictions

The Olive Press has a lighthearted look at the year ahead

Going for gold

A great passport scandal is causing unnecessary suffering for expatriates in Spain... and making the UK government millions each year

Nightmare for Amy

Police are to begin searching for Amy's body following a tip-off

Protect Andalucia

Those entrusted to protect Andalucia's natural heritage are pushing their power to the limit

Online victory for Olive Press website

We have become THE key local news website for many expats around Spain

Opinion: Disgraceful concrete monstrosity allowed to stand

Why was the decision put off for a month at the last minute?

The Olive Press becomes leading English website in Spain

Web information source ranks the OP as the most important English language site in Spain