Monday, April 19, 2021


OPINION: Britsh expats would have made the difference if given choice to vote in Brexit Referendum

The burning truth is most of us could not vote despite the fact we stood to be most affected.

Lifeguards and defibrilators on Mallorca booze cruise boats seem sensible moves

Reports of safety measures in other holiday resorts suggest improvements can be made

Fabulous fortnight in Gibraltar

A sell-out music festival, National Day celebrations and the launch of a new newspaper on the Rock

A tight spot

Expenses policy of many town halls is a good example of why Spain is facing economic turmoil

Lies and statistics

There is a lack of evidence to back up the sudden deluge of stories suggesting a third of expats are rushing to return home

OPINION: Outrageous and worrying that a bear can be killed in a protected area

It is unbelievable that someone could be so cruel

OPINION: The shock verdict that sees Westley Capper and Craig Porter ‘walk free’ is an insult to Agnese Klavina’s...

The crux of the case rested on the lack of evidence and the prosecution’s inability to provide a clear narrative of what happened to Agnese

OPINION: Stan Israel’s conduct must be reported on

It's hard to ignore when many members of ex-staff and printers queue up with stories of non-payment

OPINION: A wonderful victory that shows what can be achieved when our readers swing into action

OUR army of readers prove expats care deeply about community and justice.  Take the case of the British expat who was able to retrieve his...

Home sweet home: The power of helping one another

Thanks to the Olive Press’s campaign and the charity of good samaritans, Paul and Leslie Dunt and their 17 dogs again have a place to call their own

OPINION: Franco’s last day in the spotlight let Spain breathe clearly again

Finally a mass murderer has been moved away from the 30,000 he killed.

On the fiddle

Unemployment figures in Spain are alarming, not just for the huge numbers of people, but for what they are hiding

Summer paradox: Third heatwave leaves Spaniards yearning for the winter

So please third heatwave, hurry up and finish so we can revel in the fresh Autumn air once more

No surprise to see Kim’s Animal Rescue centre under the spotlight

Since our initial investigation two years ago, dozens of former employees and rattled animal activists have contacted us

The Olive Press celebrates its 15 year anniversary

FROM its very first issue in 2006 the Olive Press was campaigning for its community. Whether fighting for the environment or digging into crooks, we...

OPINION: Expat couple the Priors ‘ property nightmare rumbles on

the British consulate estimates at least 4,000 Britons are owners of illegal homes

Opinion: British couple’s eviction highlights importance of strong community networks

Establishing a strong support network is often hard when living in a foreign country, but this is exactly what was needed for them

Giant step for expats

Good news for expats, as they are set to regain their right to vote in UK elections

Fire alarm in response to blazes across Spain

Dry heat and even drier land create the perfect cocktail for fires

Conman up to his old tricks

Gibraltar businessman has swapped the Rock for a life in Yorkshire

We hope Clegg nicks it

With the General Election less than two days away, the Olive Press puts its cards on the table and reveals who its backs for the UK's top job

International Women’s Day: Women have to work harder

Changes are happening but there is still a long way to go

Crossing the line… Alicante police parking blunder

Olive Press opinion piece on a pair of Alicante policemen who left their vehicle parked in a disabled space... and then fined an onlooker for photographing it

OPINION: Puerto Banus’ party scene is fun despite its reputation

PUERTO Banus has long been the chosen nightlife destination for every celebrity from Gemma Collins to Sir Alan Sugar.  While some say it’s overpriced, others...

In the dog house

Mayor of Collada Villaba involved in racist blunder

OPINION: If everyone understands how important protecting our planet is, then let’s just do it

IN a world where recycling plastic is becoming all the more popular, scientists at Mallorca’s University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) have provided Mother Earth with a helping hand.




IN CRISIS: Restaurants in Spain’s Mallorca lose 80% of turnover due to COVID-19 restrictions as protest called on this...

According to the Association for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (PINEM), the restaurant sector has been 'discriminated against' and 'destroyed' as a result of the current coronavirus restrictions