Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Thinking green at the Olive Press

The issue the Olive Press went back to its roots and took a closer look at the environmental issues affecting Andalucia...

We all have responsibilities, and few perhaps more than the legal profession

While a few will always believe they are above the law, what are we to think – or do – when lawyers themselves ignore the rules.

No place like home: European mothers are embracing natural birthing techniques

Following the odd Stacie Cottle case earlier this month we took a look at the issues of childbirth in Spain and how it differs abroad

OPINION: The news of British PM stepping in to support family after tragic British boy’s death in Mallorca could...

We need to act and to ensure there can be no more untimely deaths

Who will cut out the cancer of corruption in Spain?

It seems elected officials have forgotten who they are hired to serve... us!

Keep the power

When a 66-year-old woman is living in fear, afraid to answer the phone or open the door, something has seriously gone wrong


THE warped logic of many councils around Andalucia is stunning. While tourists are the main source of income to the region their interests are often...

OPINION: Amid Champions League final ecstasy and agony, Brit fans in Madrid did us proud

Thousands of rival fans full of booze showed that English hooliganism is hopefully a thing of the past

OPINION: Never Mind the Boris

BRITISH Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent break to Marbella - or more accurately Benahavis - seems to have divided the Press and public back...

Officials’ willingness to call time on Mallorca drunken excess is welcome

Curb on drinking on all-inclusive holidays is an understandable move

Building bricks: Olive Press launches new Property magazine

The Olive Press is happy to announce the launch of our new Property magazine

OPINION: Coronavirus is a real threat, but we can’t let it take over our lives

CORONAVIRUS is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment, no matter where you are.

International Women’s Day: Show me a woman who doesn’t have balls!

Fortunately, journalism offered equal opportunities – female and male reporters alike were sent off to cover football

OPINION: Now that we have our first case of Rothschild justice, is this just a one off or will...

IT has been nearly six years since the Olive Press first demanded answers from the Rothschilds for their expat loan scam.

OPINION: More needs to be done to tackle drink-spiking on Costa del Sol

It is a stain on the coast and has the potential to turn away tourists

Opinion: British couple’s eviction highlights importance of strong community networks

Establishing a strong support network is often hard when living in a foreign country, but this is exactly what was needed for them

Year of change: For Spain’s town halls

Spain has voted to end the two party system political system which had lasted long past its expiry date

International Women’s Day: Women don’t want to stand behind men

Our predecessors fought for us and opened doors for us. I think as women we don’t always praise ourselves enough

Double trouble for second homes

News of a British couple facing the loss of their UK home after an unsuccessful property investment in Spain has triggered a wave of indignant reader comments in the UK tabloid press

OPINION: Football foul play

It is appallingly sad to hear about expat children being denied the licence to play in Spanish amateur leagues

OPINION: Desperate British families losing thousands in Spain villa scams show that we need more dedicated fraud officers

Dedicated police officers need to be made available for these crimes, or at the very least a cyber crime hotline promising rapid action

OPINION; Rothschild response is a welcome development in alleged expat loan fraud

Finally, Baron David Rene de Rothschild has answered the Spanish courts over his company’s involvement in a scheme that may have unjustly deprived over 130 mainly British pensioners of their life savings

Catalan hypocrites threaten real independence

Artur Mas’ dirty laundry has well and truly been hung out to dry

War of words: Between BBC and Marca

UK and Spanish broadcasters embroiled in media tussle

OPINION: Nature is healing in Spain amidst coronavirus pandemic

IT has been difficult to find the bright side of the coronavirus crisis. But one perk of a worldwide shutdown is the positive effect...

Price of a life: 5,000 people drown in Europe each year

Lifeguards on Spain's beaches are hard to be found outside of peak season





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