Monday, November 29, 2021


OPINION: Predictions that Spain’s far right Vox party could become kingmakers in today’s elections are worrying for expats and...

In 2016, their current leader controversially unfurled a giant Spanish flag on the rock of Gibraltar, an act he was willing to be arrested for

OPINION: As Black Lives Matter sweeps the globe, is it time for Spain’s most notorious expat racist Leapy Lee...

HE has been at it for two decades… but now the world has changed, is it time for Leapy Lee to stop his racist...

How Spain has changed in 15 years

I ARRIVED fresh faced in the spring of 2006, dispatched to The Daily Telegraph’s Madrid desk to provide British readers with light-hearted tales of...

OPINION: Sign up for joint nationality now

We need YOUR help, por favor

OPINION: The news that a British boy’s death in Mallorca ‘could have been prevented’ is both shocking and sad

THE news that a British teen’s death in Mallorca ‘could have been prevented’ is both shocking and sad. Thomas Channon, 18, died after he fell...

OPINION: Now that we have our first case of Rothschild justice, is this just a one off or will...

IT has been nearly six years since the Olive Press first demanded answers from the Rothschilds for their expat loan scam.

We look back on the last 12 months as our Costa Blanca south edition celebrates its first birthday

IT is a particularly sweet landmark. Against the odds, our youngest edition - Costa Blanca south/Murcia - has made it to its first anniversary. Launched in...

‘Stop soliciting on our streets’: Why residents in Spain are right to speak out

ONE survey in 2008 found that 78% of Spanish people consider prostitution an inevitability in modern society. Nearly 15 years later, the debate for...

Mijas matters: Wake up!

The town hall needs a change, and fast, writes Bill Anderson

OPINION: Unmaintained pool pumps are an ‘accident waiting to happen’

In many urbanization, they leave this job to a gardener, left in charge of the pool with little understanding of how powerful these pumps can be

International Women’s Day: Strong role models

I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a feminist, but I am independent and I know my self worth, and would encourage every man, woman and child to do the same

OPINION: It’s the little things I’ll miss most about Spain

IT'S the jingles at Mercadona, a short stroll to his padel club and, of course, the goldfish bowl g&ts which will be sorely missed...

Adventures in Brexitland: How a bid for Spanish nationality turned in a Kafka-esque nightmare

A bid for Spanish nationality leads to a Kafka-esque scenario involving inaccessible authorities and missing documents of an undefined nature, write Heather Galloway.

I know nothing: Chaves plays dumb in ERE scandal

Just like his famous comedy name-sake from Fawlty Towers, Manuel Chaves insisted this week: ‘I know nothing’

OPINION: Are storm drains to blame for the severity of damage to British expat businesses in the Costa Blanca...

While many of us are still dealing with damp basements and insurance claims, we should take note of the municipal elections coming up on May 22

OPINION: Diners at THIS restaurant in Spain knew about its underwhelming food, but not about its ‘slave labour’ and...

Why then did it take until just over a month ago for someone to finally tip off police?

OPINION: Spain’s economy needs tourists, it’s good to have you back

THE first set of Brits have been arriving on the Costa del Sol in recent days and we could not be happier that they’re here.

“I’m proud of the varied mix – and campaigning DNA – of the Olive Press”

AS a journalist who rolled up on Spanish shores in 1994 I had no idea what to expect. I had intended to spend a few...

Best expat newspaper in Spain and it’s all thanks to you

We look forward to growing in strength over the next decade, with you alongside us

OPINION: Vulnerable people being robbed in hospital beds on the Costa del Sol is an absolute disgrace

The hospital also make it more difficult to report thefts to the police as they have refused to document the crimes

OPINION: If everyone understands how important protecting our planet is, then let’s just do it

IN a world where recycling plastic is becoming all the more popular, scientists at Mallorca’s University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) have provided Mother Earth with a helping hand.

OPINION: Migrant lives are valued less than fish as governments continue to prioritise profit over people

AS Brexit negotiations are taken down to the wire, the final sticking point for Johnson and his cohort is, bizarrely, fish.  Like school children scrapping...

OPINION: Why Spain should bring back ‘botellon’ (and let young people meet in groups to drink outside)

Leah Pattem argues that the Spanish tradition of botellon, a practice that has become much maligned by authorities across Spain, is actually a really good thing.

Transition draft deal not enough says Bremain in Spain

Never in British history has any government knowingly pursued a course of action it knew would be damaging, writes Sue Wilson of Bremain in Spain

OPINION: Answers needed over Spain’s ‘werewolf’ drug contamination scandal

It is also incredibly worrying how such a contamination could have gone unnoticed for so long

International Women’s Day: Women have to work harder

Changes are happening but there is still a long way to go





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