Thursday, January 20, 2022


MIJAS MATTERS: Nobody’s perfect

By Bill Anderson I HAVE been off the Olive Press radar for a little while, and was reprimanded by the editor Jon Clarke when he...

Safe haven for criminals in Spain

It's no surprise so many criminals flee to Spain

OPINION: British fraud victims in Spain can be hopeful after MPs – who never agree on anything – lend...

Indeed getting more than a handful of MPs to agree on anything these days is certainly no small feat

OPINION: ‘Stick to plagiarism and prostitutes, leave the actual journalism to real newspaper groups like ours’

When it comes to an issue as serious as killing pets improperly, fraud and worse, it takes a proper paper to understand the issues.

OPINION: Andalucia’s COVID-19 outbreaks show that expat fears of British tourists in Spain are not unfounded

A SCROLL through expat Facebook groups will tell you that not everyone in Spain is best pleased at the return of foreign tourism. After 100...

15 years of the Olive Press: A message from our editor-in-chief

WE made it! We just published edition 365: The number of days in the year and certainly sleepless nights I have had worrying about being...

OPINION: Belsen Berney’s hero legacy tainted by dishonesty

Sad that a war hero’s legacy has been tainted by his dishonesty

OPINION: The Junta de Andalucia’s budgets which benefit residents are a welcome sight after decades of corruption

This could go some way to undermining the grip of the local drug cartels, who benefit from grinding youth poverty and a lack of opportunity

OPINION: Gas-guzzling heater ban is step in right direction in fight against climate change

The new regulations are sparking much debate on the fight against climate change

Opinion: A Brexit deal could be close – but the reality is far from a fairy tale ending

HE started with the battle cry ‘Get Brexit done’ and after almost a year in the trenches, we’re close to stumbling home.  Confused, concussed and...

How the fight for the rights of British citizens in Spain continues after Brexit

From concerns about healthcare and residency to problems regarding work and keeping families together, a new European Affairs Committee this week heard from Bremain in Spain's Sue Wilson, about the biggest troubles faced by British residents in Spain after Brexit.

We prayed for rain and boy did it come

We prayed for rain and boy did it come, writes Giles Brown

OPINION: Something is clearly wrong at the sushi restaurant that infected over 50 people

THE poisoning of at least 51 people from just one restaurant is both shocking and scary

International Women’s Day: Still work to be done

I see a future where International Women’s Day is no longer celebrated... because there is no longer a need

‘Don’t worry about it sweetheart’ From unfair wages to creepy jokes here’s the reality for women in the workplace...

A WOMAN’S place is in the home. And the boardroom. In fact, it is anywhere she likes. But as another old adage goes, a...

OPINION: Never Mind the Boris

BRITISH Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent break to Marbella - or more accurately Benahavis - seems to have divided the Press and public back...

I know nothing: Chaves plays dumb in ERE scandal

Just like his famous comedy name-sake from Fawlty Towers, Manuel Chaves insisted this week: ‘I know nothing’

OPINION: After an exploding rum cocktail in Spain left three people hospitalised, do we need to re-examine modern nightlife?

It is paramount that these ‘Instagenic’ elements of modern nightlife are scrutinised before being unleashed on the public

OPINION: Predictions that Spain’s far right Vox party could become kingmakers in today’s elections are worrying for expats and...

In 2016, their current leader controversially unfurled a giant Spanish flag on the rock of Gibraltar, an act he was willing to be arrested for

OPINION: As Black Lives Matter sweeps the globe, is it time for Spain’s most notorious expat racist Leapy Lee...

HE has been at it for two decades… but now the world has changed, is it time for Leapy Lee to stop his racist...

How Spain has changed in 15 years

I ARRIVED fresh faced in the spring of 2006, dispatched to The Daily Telegraph’s Madrid desk to provide British readers with light-hearted tales of...

OPINION: Sign up for joint nationality now

We need YOUR help, por favor

OPINION: The news that a British boy’s death in Mallorca ‘could have been prevented’ is both shocking and sad

THE news that a British teen’s death in Mallorca ‘could have been prevented’ is both shocking and sad. Thomas Channon, 18, died after he fell...

OPINION: Now that we have our first case of Rothschild justice, is this just a one off or will...

IT has been nearly six years since the Olive Press first demanded answers from the Rothschilds for their expat loan scam.

We look back on the last 12 months as our Costa Blanca south edition celebrates its first birthday

IT is a particularly sweet landmark. Against the odds, our youngest edition - Costa Blanca south/Murcia - has made it to its first anniversary. Launched in...

‘Stop soliciting on our streets’: Why residents in Spain are right to speak out

ONE survey in 2008 found that 78% of Spanish people consider prostitution an inevitability in modern society. Nearly 15 years later, the debate for...




Service industry boosts employment back to pre-pandemic levels in major expat area of Spain’s Costa Blanca

ORIHUELA and Orihuela Costa have seen unemployment drop to levels not seen since before the Covid-19  pandemic and lockdown. The city’s Department of Employment has...


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