Saturday, February 16, 2019

Spain’s not working (or is it?)

With a quarter of all business ‘in the black’ and many working while claiming dole, Wendy Williams takes a closer look at the real job situation in Spain and why the official employment figures may be hiding the truth

Spain ‘leading light’ in European economy after 11 months of growth

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy labels Spain as the ‘Germany of southern Europe’

Gibraltar is flying high

With the world’s third highest GDP per capita, Gibraltar’s rock solid economy puts others in the shade, writes Tom Powell

Spain to request €60 billion bailout on Saturday

Set to become the fourth eurozone country to require financial rescue package

Spain economy grows THREE TIMES more than UK in second quarter, Sweden booms

Spain's exports have been growing and unemployment falling in recent months

Europe’s super-rich may be even wealthier than official figures suggest

Economists blame tax havens and the inability to gain better access

FLASH SALE: Ryanair flights for FIVE POUNDS between Spain and UK

RYANAIR has released thousands of flights between the UK and Spain from as little as £5. The offer expires at 1am tonight (Spain time) and...

Spain opens Europe’s first brothel where punters pay €120 for sex with dolls

Clients can ask that the dolls be put in specific positions

Spain’s most sold car is revealed

It’s official: Spaniards prefer hatchbacks

Of 51 arrested in country-wide raids, 17 summoned to Madrid court

Including five former mayors and a French energy executive

‘Junk’ status as Spain asks for bailout

Ratings agency Moody’s took the action against lenders including Santander

Spain’s wealthy class on the rise

Spain’s upper class grew by 10% in 2014

WoodFactory: A Dutch owned business with a focus on quality

The San Pedro-based company creates naturally beautiful, functional and durable furniture for both interior and exterior spaces

Expansion well underway at Yorkshire Linen

With new shop Beds and More recently opened, the girls from Yorkshire Linen are expanding at a decent rate

Buses in Mallorca must now have WiFi to boost connectivity

NEW buses in Palma must now have WiFi on-board and access to a USB for charging mobiles in an attempt to increase business productivity on...

EU economy is finally on the up

Strongest growth figures posted for four years thanks to a booming Germany

BREXIT: Spain tourism minister in crunch talks with Thomas Cook and Jet2 to secure future of 18 million British...

Tourism makes up 11% of Spain's €1 trillion economy and British tourists are the largest visiting group, making up 25% of Spain's total tourists

Crisis, what crisis? Why it may be time to invest in the Spanish economy

Sandy Paterson's sound advice for making your money as an expat go further

State-owned Spanish bank Bankia to repay investors €1.8 billion

The state-owned bank are giving the investors three months to claim back their original investment plus 1% interest


The Sterling to Euro conversion rate has today exceeding the recent seven-year high

Spanish non-disclosure no-nos

Expat residents in Spain face huge fines for failing to declare overseas assets over €50,000

World’s biggest airport company hits the market this autumn

Spain's Aena Aeropuertos company, owner of Luton Airport, is worth billions in Europe's biggest trade this year

Konsell Abogados works hard to make your lives easier

The firm wants to help you avoid unnecessary suffering

EasyJet call Spanish cops on British mum for sneaking vodka miniature onto Spain-bound flight

The eagle-eyed attendant had spotted Yallop attempting to pour the spirit into her fresh orange juice

All you need to know about claiming compensation for Primera Air collapse

PRIMERA Air has officially ceased trading.  It means hundreds of flights have been cancelled now and in the future - but can you claim compensation? First...


POLE POSITION: Property market expanding in Marbella

ON a key strategic corner of central Marbella, an elegantly-dressed lady holds court, surrounded by half a dozen men. “Hola Guapa,” shouts another from across...