Sunday, December 15, 2019

Calls for Guardia Civil numbers and salary to match Policia Nacional

THE PSOE in Marbella are calling for a boost in Guardia Civil numbers. The Socialists will support a town hall motion next week which...

Foreign businessmen and lawyers facing 48 years in prison for tax evasion on Costa del Sol

Group of wealthy expats facing prison for failing to declare property purchases in Marbella

Drivers in Andalucia more likely to be caught speeding than anywhere else in Spain

Central government raked in €130 million in radar gun fines in 2014 and Andalucian drivers contributed 20% of the pot

Man in Spain rescued after spending eight days trapped in snow-covered hut

But the snow meant officers had to ski down to the hut because it was too thick to land nearby to rescue the stranded man.  

Police tracking down van driver in Valencia who had 20 pallets stacked to the roof

The stacks went so high the driver narrowly missed hitting a sign as traffic began to build up near an industrial estate.

Controversial Scottish boxer Scott Harrison to face extradition to Spain

Scott Harrison has been ordered to return to Spain where he faces jail for brothel assault

EXCLUSIVE: UK pensioner hounded by Spanish debt collectors for €100,000 mortgage she was conned into taking

UK pensioner fears losing her home after power of attorney mistake led to €100,000 mortgage being taken out in her name

Two men using fake €500 notes ‘so good they were undetectable by machines’ caught after blowing 15 of them...

TWO men have been arrested in Alicante for using fake €500 bank notes so good they were 'undetectable by machines'.

Teenage boy arrested on suspicion of butchering his father to death in Cadiz, boy claims he found him murdered

A TEENAGER has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his father to death in Cadiz. Policia Nacional arrested the 18-year-old a day after he handed himself...

First EVER trial for custody of DOG in Spain begins for divorced Andalucia couple

THE first ever trial in Spain for custody of a dog has begun today. It comes after Spain changed its civil code to no longer...

Mystery as expat and two Lithuanians found in busted van carrying €1 MILLION CASH en route to Malaga –...

Some of the money was spread across the road when officers arrived to the scene while the driver - who tested positive for drugs and alcohol - was found outside the vehicle

Man wrongly jailed for terrorism suing UK and Spain

SPAIN and the UK are facing a €1.8 million compensation claim after a man was wrongly accused of being a terrorist. Farid Hilali was jailed...

Spain has thwarted ‘at least ten’ deadly terror attacks since 2011

Spanish authorities say they are regularly intercepting Islamic State recruiters

WATCH: Terrifying moment woman in Andalucia rescued from beam over busy highway

THIS is the dramatic moment firefighters risk their lives to rescue a woman perched precariously on a steel girder above a busy road in...

WATCH: Manhunt for driver of British car caught strumming a guitar on the motorway in Spain

Reportedly the Guardia Civil are now looking for the man after a video of his reckless driving was uploaded to social media

Spain refuses to comment on reports that imam behind Barcelona terror attack was an informer for government

THE government has refused to comment on reports that the imam behind the Barcelona terror attacks was once an intelligence agency informer. El Pais reported...

Cabify driver who sped off with four girls ends up ploughing into roundabout on Spain’s Costa Blanca

FOUR girls have escaped a potential kidnapping when their Cabify driver sped past their requested destination before ploughing into a roundabout on...

Spain’s prime minister and royal family speak on tragic Orlando shooting

Police say the shooter fired at least 110 rounds into the crowd

Police arrest man who stabbed brother in self-defence in Jimena de la Frontera

The incident occurred after the victim came home and found his brother rowing with their mother

Spanish judge investigating how PP slush fund files were deleted loses vital evidence

The documents with key information about the illegal PP payments have 'disappeared'

French tourist arrested in Spain after British woman ‘raped and threatened with drowning’ on popular resort beach

This latest incident comes after an 18-year-old British girl also alleged she was raped at the resort

Spanish troll to be charged for inciting gang rape of Ciudadanos leader on Facebook after calling her a ‘filthy...

The leader of  Ciudadanos in Catalunia, Inés Arrimadas, has confirmed that she will press charges against a woman who wrote on Facebook that she...

Chief minister Fabian Picardo’s reaction to Gibraltar deaths

Rock rallies after most horrific murder in decades

Spain ‘refusing’ to repatriate body of murdered Brit Andrew Bush

He was fatally shot three times by his ex girlfriend