Monday, October 14, 2019

Parents of Slovakian model charged with Costa del Sol murder forced to sell house to pay legal fees

Mayka Kukucova allegedly shot billionaire former lover Andrew Bush at his rented Estepona villa last April

Spanish coppers to get new powers to monitor potential jihadists

Authorities will keep more detailed records of people booking temporary accommodation across Spain on hotel and short-term rental sites such as Airbnb or

Attempted train terrorist was radicalised in Spain

The Moroccan national was reportedly radicalised in Spain before attempting to blow up a train in France

Cursach witness speaks out: “It’s like a horror movie”

A PROTECTED witness in the Tolo Cursach case has told the press that cooperating with the authorities has ‘destroyed his life’. ‘Witness 29’ has given...

Police arrest culprits behind lottery scam of thousands of euros in Malaga

The Policia Nacional detained six people who between them defrauded €700,000 from 12 victims across Spain, Europe and Australia.

Boiler rooms busted across Spain in biggest ever clampdown

A British graduate has been arrested for his role in the vast boiler room scam network, as well as more than 100 fraudsters in Marbella, Madrid, London and Florida. By Tom Powell.

Picasso’s widow may have hidden 300 artworks from painter’s heirs

A retired electrician who was convicted last year of hiding the works in his garage for 40 years, told a court in southern France that Picasso’s widow disliked her stepson

AIR HEAD: British robber busted in Spain after getting stuck in air conditioning vent

A BRITISH thief was arrested after getting stuck in an air conditioning duct while robbing a shop in Palma in the dark of night. The...

Disabled expat’s Malaga home to be demolished for one-way system

EXCLUSIVE: One-way street to be built through disabled expat’s living room, despite town hall promise

British tourist found floating in Ibiza’s Port of Sant Antoni

A BRITISH tourist has been found floating in the waters of the Port of Sant Antoni. Residents and tourist discovered the body and reported it...

British men accused of ploughing into pedestrians appear in court

The men were involved in an incident which saw ten people injured

EXCLUSIVE: Manhunt on Costa del Sol for British expat mother who allegedly defrauded dozens of holidaymakers

A MANHUNT is underway for an alleged British fraudster who ‘conned’ English holidaymakers out of thousands of euros. The alleged conwoman, who uses seven different...

Spanish king’s brother-in-law jailed for embezzlement

Inaki Urdangarin, the Spanish king's brother-in-law has been jailed after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal. He was sentenced to five years and 10 months...

Brazilian soldier from convoy of President Bolsonaro arrested for smuggling cocaine into Spain’s Sevilla after controversial leader vowed to...

The sergeant suspect is being held by the Guardia Civil in the Andalucian capital and will be brought before a judge on Thursday

Balearic coastguards busy with double the activity

THE number of people rescued at sea has doubled in a year. The Maritime rescue services aided over 2,000 people last year around the Balearic...

Dine and dash gang strikes for second time in Spain after racking up €10,000 bill

They clocked up a €10,000 bill before bolting

VIDEO: Guardia Civil smash car window to rescue dog

Officers had no choice but to save the dog from heat exhaustion

Andy Murray’s Spanish doubles partner named in Wimbledon match-fixing investigation by police

Feliciano Lopez has denied all allegations against him, and said he had never met those at the centre of the probe

Emaciated abandoned horses living among rubbish dumps and manure found by Guardia Civil in Southern Spain

The animals were found with no food or water walking among pitchforks and scissors

VIDEO: Romanian police arrest suspect in Cuenca double murder case

The two victims were last seen with the suspect on August 6

Mother arrested while transporting dead body of her son, 7, in Spain’s Andalucia

A WOMAN has been arrested on suspicion of killing her seven-year-old son in Andalucia.  The 38-year-old was cuffed after Guardia Civil agents pulled her over...

Donal MacIntyre flies into the Costa del Sol to blow lid on missing Amy Fitzpatrick case

Retracing Amy’s last steps, MacIntyre met with those who knew the 15-year-old best

Brussels slams Spain for being most corrupt country in the EU

It says Madrid is unable to control the councils and mayors in the autonomous regions

YOU WILL PAY: Local Granada mayor to savages who executed British expat’s rescue dogs

The dogs who survived the attack are still visibly shaken