Friday, December 13, 2019

Winnie the Pooh tops list of classic kids’ favourites

Lewis Carroll and Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar also get mentions

Scientists baffled by religious education curriculum

Spain: where your divine interpretation of the cosmos can affect your grades

Local pupils reenact victory over Britain

The event was to pay tribute to military historian Bernando de Galvez

Give peas a chance

From Victorians to Peace Festivals, headteacher Miss Kirkham describes another wacky month at the British School of Marbella

Coffee for the children! Palmanova to host charity event

CAKE, coffee and hand-crafted goods await at Palmanova's annual Feed a Child charity event hosted by a group of local expats. For almost a decade...

School book accused of airbrushing Franco’s rule

The children's history book brushes over the real details of Spain's civil war

Fun and games at the British School of Marbella

The emphasis is not just on education… it is also on health and fitness, writes Rob Horgan

To play or not to play?

Youngsters shouldn´t be forced to play sport at a young age

England needs a lesson in language

As increasing numbers of European children conquer several languages, Britain’s youngsters try to play catch up

Two dilapidated schools in Cordoba given €132,000 by Junta

More than 500 students are enrolled at the two schools

Andalucia to receive funds for scholarships, education improvement and textbooks

Andalucia's national government representative explained the education funds the region will receive

Chess to become compulsory in Spanish schools

The country’s education board has decided to work it into the curriculum

Record numbers of Spaniards at UK boarding schools

Students from overseas makeup a massive 15% of all UK boarding schools’ intake

Expat’s new book to help Spanish children with English

Briton set to tour schools with book Dreamstones in bid to get kids interested

The gift of learning from Palma’s newest language school, Treffpunkt

PALMA'S newest language school is one for the books; Treffpunkt is German for meeting point, and the school sure lives up to the name. The...

Benalmadena International College sports centre in final stage

The sports complex will be ready in time for September

Centro Impulso: The most forward-thinking childhood therapy centre around

The team of four trained specialists deal with developmental issues, as well as speech impediments

British teen wins cycling contest in the Sierra Nevada

Lloyd Thornton came in a full 10 seconds ahead of his competitors

It’s such a perfect day

A typical day in the life of pupils at Sotogrande International School

Dreaming of top grades in Spain

Kids in Spain tend not to get enough sleep

Get educated: The Olive Press guide to schooling in Spain

Choosing the right schools for your kids can be a problem of algebraic proportions for parents newly-arrived on the Costa del Sol. Imogen Calderwood has the facts to help you tick all the right boxes

Junta in desperate plea for emergency teachers as classroom crisis worsens

The Junta has taken unprecedented action by issuing an emergency call via text and email for teachers - or anyone with a teaching qualification - to provide cover.