Friday, January 27, 2023


Why expats SHOULD be learning Spanish as Spain opens up post-lockdown

YOU may have been too scared to venture outside over the past few months, even for life’s basic necessities. If you’re an expat, you’ve probably...

Fury in Gibraltar at lack of criminal proceedings over female teacher who ‘groomed’ student

Teachers on Gibraltar have expressed outrage at a lack of action by education authorities to properly investigate reports that a teacher was grooming a...

Prior Park Gibraltar announces new headmaster from top UK school Sherborne

The headmaster of Gibraltar’s brand new private secondary day school has just been announced

CORONAVIRUS: All schools CLOSED and doctor’s appointments CANCELLED in Spain’s Balearic Islands

All educational centres will close and any non-urgent appointments at health centres will be cancelled.

How to nurture the curiosity of students

Contrary to popular belief, curiosity did not kill the cat. Curiosity is one of the healthiest and most productive instincts in human nature. You can...

New royal decree targets Spanish university students

Anyone on scholarship must pass at least half their subjects or else pay the grant back in full

Parents invited to meet headmaster of Gibraltar’s new independent school in Algeciras next week

Parents interested in learning more about Gibraltar's brand new independent secondary school can attend an information evening at the Hotel Guadacorte Park in Algeciras

Start of school year marred by crisis

Hundreds of children in Andalucia affected by lack of funds

Malaga University student arrested in cheating probe

Student allegedly stole roommates identity to cheat in an exam

Dance academy in Spain’s Valencia shortlisted for International Awards

A VALENCIA Dance academy celebrated its second birthday last week after being shortlisted for the internationally prestigious Worldwide Dance School of the Year Awards. Cameron...

8 Skills You Can Develop While Writing Essays

Someone may find essays boring and dreadful. But they are essential to the learning process. Writing always promotes thinking. Essay writing is one of the...

How to Find Online Articles Using Keywords

Writing is a process that most people have to undertake at one point or another. Whether you are looking for material for your academic...

YOU’VE GOT MAIL: Wireless internet connection overhaul planned for more than 1,500 primary schools in Spain’s Valencia region

PRIMARY schools throughout the Valencian Community will be fitted with fast and reliable Wi-Fi from March. The central government in Madrid has announced the inking...

Spanish students forced to take exorcism classes

The conference forms part of a series of lectures that students must attend

PAPAL VISIT: Pope Francis ‘meets’ hundreds of Catholic schoolchildren in Valencia

HUNDREDS of boys and girls from more than 70 Catholic schools throughout the Valencia region enjoyed a videocall with Pope Francis on Thursday (May...

Cadiz tradition should be recognised by Royal Spanish Academy, says Podemos

Carols are sung by flamenco singers while guitar players strum dozens of original songs learned and added to over generations.

School kids in Spain’s Andalucia to receive compulsory extra reading from September in bid to improve shocking literacy levels

Primary and secondary schools in Andalucia are to include an extra two and a half hours a week of dedicated reading time in the...

A different sort of summer school in Spain

OPX editor Wendy Andersen offers some crafty tips on ‘stealth teaching' during the long summer months

Brexit could lead to Erasmus difficulties for British students

British undergraduates could have problems benefiting from Erasmus, which has enabled 200,000 students of EU member states to study abroad since its creation in 1987

Watch! Sassy schoolgirl in Spain delivers priceless pep talk about the importance of masks

A SPANISH schoolgirl's hilarious response to having to wear a mask in class has gone viral. The cheeky youngster from Murcia earned fans across the...

iPads and Kindles crucial in encouraging youngsters to read

Parents should turn to technology as more and more children are rejecting books

What a novel idea!

Do you feel like you don’t fit in? Here’s a collection of our favourite books to help outsiders understand themselves

Back to school with The British School of Malaga

Every parent's goal is to make sure their children’s time at school is filled with happy memories, making friends and skills that will set...

Marbella Design Academy brings up 20 years in style

The prestigious international design school hosted a party for 300 people

Spain’s biggest uni Complutense broke and seeking private funds

Professors fear this may lead to the privatisation of Spain’s largest university

Good education more crucial to success than working hard, say Spaniards

Only 47% thought that working hard was important for success




Deranged caretaker violently shook, stuffed rags over woman’s face in shocking case of elder abuse

A deranged caretaker has been caught on a secret camera violently shaking and suffocating an elderly handicapped woman. National Police officers arrested the suspect in...


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