Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Nothing to grouse about!

Andalucia's Sandgrouse population has grown by almost 300 percent in the last three years

‘We are seeing what we already feared’: Farmers in southern Spain facing ruin after increasingly hot and dry seasons

FARMERS in southern Spain fear they may lose their position as the top exporters in Europe after successive hot and dry seasons. It comes after...

Octopus fishing banned in the Axarquia from this September

Fishermen are furious, claiming the eight-legged sea creatures account for 60% of their income

A green way to go

It may not be the final nail in the coffin for greenhouse gas emitting vehicles, but Granada has become the first city in Europe to use eco-friendly hearses.

WATCH: Moment key Roman bridge in historic Ronda Andalucia is almost destroyed by shocking Arabic bath collapse following floods...

Trees are dragged helplessly into the biblical torrent of water which has also cut off the road to Forest Hills

Roman map shows flood-hit regions of the Costa Blanca were part of the Med just 2,000 years ago

THE Vega Baja region is prone to flooding because it was once part of the Mediterranean Sea, a Roman-era map of the...

Firefighter turned artist converts scorched forest into tree cemetery in Spain

The work of art in Barcelona was inspired by the forest fire that broke out in July 2015

Forest fire that forced road closure on Spain’s Costa del Sol ‘stabilised’

A COSTA del Sol forest fire that forced a road closure has been brought under control. The blaze, which...

WATCH: Storm, hail and rain turn streets of Nerja into rivers NERJA was hit by a surprise onsalught of rain and hail yesterday which turned the streets into rivers.  In just 15 minutes, 15 litres of...

Barranco Blanco: Secret valley with links to the Nazis

The beautiful, hidden valley of Barranco Blanco has a shady past

Seventy more allotment spaces created in Marbella

The project has now seen 100 allotments created

BREAKING: Forest fire declared in Marbella

A FOREST fire has been declared in Marbella.  The blaze is believed to have erupted within the last hour on the La Concha in the...

Basking shark washed up dead on Cadiz beach wrapped in fishing debris

A shark tangled up in fishing debris has been washed up on the beaches of Cadiz

Spanish hospitals charging tourists double for care in Barcelona

Shockingly, not even the Hospital de Sant Pau (pictured) know what they are charging the ICPA, which could be in the millions.

Electrical giant brings in diggers for megaproject in Spain’s Driving Over Lemons country despite town hall bans

It comes after the Defensor del Pueblo Andaluz - the official that deals with public complaints - this month called on the Junta to express its position on the REE megaproject

NGOs say no to poisonous pesticides in Spain

Environmental groups lobby Spanish government to cut down by 30%

HAY FEVER EPIDEMIC: Expert reveals why your allergies seem much worse in Spain this year

Experts have warned that this year pollen levels have shot up across Spain and that the months of May and June will see us suffer the worst

Energy boss vows Spain will run on 100% renewables

The country wants to be energy independent

Golf macroproject passed on Costa de la Luz

The Següesal Golf Resort in Barbate gets the green light

Doñana National Park in Sevilla on verge of ‘point of no return’

The wetlands are home to around 2,000 different species of animals

IN PICS: Rare shark spotted off coast of southern Spain

It has upper teeth and blade-like lower teeth, with 12 rows of teeth on either side

Dead turtle trapped in wooden pallet found off Spain’s Costa Blanca

A DEAD turtle has been found trapped inside a wooden pallet off the Costa Blanca. The creature was discovered...

WATCH: Tornado causes damage and leaves residents terrified in Palo de la Frontera

A fearless videographer captured the terrifying moment when a twister suddenly touched down in the Huelva town of Palos de la Frontera at 6.45pm on Thursday

Cork-stripping work set to begin in Ronda

4,000 trees will be stripped for cork

Four earthquakes in 48 hours in Gulf of Cadiz

AN earthquake of magnitude 2.6 on the Richter scale has been recorded in the Gulf of Cadiz this morning.  The quake struck at 12.10am but...