Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Sewer upgrade to reduce waste in Mediterranean

A MASSIVE €26 million is being spent to remedy flooding across Mallorca caused by heavy rainfall. Emaya is in charge of upgrading sewers, as well...

Shine on – Renewable energy in Spain

Like many people it all had to do with a growing awareness of my so-called carbon footprint. We are all net emitters of carbon in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

Spain’s Andalucia SHUTS DOWN beach after E.coli found in water

The levels of ‘microbiological parameters’ exceeded those set out in Royal Decree 1341/2007, which covers the quality of bathing waters

Marbella hosts Andalucía premiere of Al Gore climate crisis documentary

MARBELLA is set to host the Andalucían premiere of former US Vice President, Al Gore’s greatly anticipated documentary about climate change. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth...

Over a third of Andalucia sewage plants not processing waste properly

Last November, Spain was fined €46.5m by the EU Commission due to a failure to ensure its plants were safely processing sewage

Killer whales under threat with high poisonous chemical levels in the Straits of Gibraltar

Zoologists are now calling for tougher regulations for those found to be disposing of man-made PCBs into the seas

Dogs to be banned from ALL Costa del Sol beaches this summer

The ban will run from June 1 to September 30 and will apply to all beaches including the specific dog-friendly beaches that have been set up in Casares, Malaga and Fuengirola

Green groups call for Spanish sun tax reform

The levy on solar power was introduced by the government in October

IN PICS: Spain covered in snow as schools and roads closed across the country

A BLANKET of snow and ice has covered much of Spain with 34 provinces on alert in the  north, centre and south of the...

New cycle paths for Costa del Sol town hoping to become most bike-friendly place in Spain

The works are part of the town council’s €7 million master plan to free-up space on the town’s congested roads.

Fracking has officially failed in Spain in loss for Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular

Fracking firms have been met with strong opposition from locals and regional authorities

Spain rocked by earthquake as 2 million feel houses ‘shaking’

The 'strong' 3.7 magnitude quake affected mostly residents in Galicia

Green stocks set to rise

Bank of England boss Mark Carney reveals €39 billion is set to disappear from fossil fuel companies

VIDEO: Shocking footage of stressed SeaWorld-owned orca slamming its head against gate in Tenerife

Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project released the footage of the SeaWorld-owned orca at Loro Parque in Tenerife

Pigeons in Barcelona to be put on birth control pill

Officials in Barcelona are testing a contraceptive pill to prevent the 85,000-strong population of city pigeons from expanding

Walking trails hailed as key to sustainable tourism in Andalucia

Teresa Rodriguez, General Secretary of Podemos Andalucia, said that the Junta should do more to showcase the region’s 10,000km of trails as a green, responsible and profitable way to attract tourists

Green victory for Spain

Delight for ecologists as marina, golf course and housing projects scrapped on the Costa de la Luz

EXCLUSIVE: Expats call in police over neighbours’ raucous rooster

The Alhaurin el Grande residents say they are disturbed all night and day

Conservation centre opens in Sierra de las Nieves to nurture struggling vulture population

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Hide Sierra de las Nieves’ aims to nurture vultures struggling to find food while also promoting environmentally-friendly tourism

Malaga and Huelva lauded for having best climate in Spain

MALAGA and Huelva have been lauded for having the ‘best climate’ in Spain. Gran Canaria, Mallorca, and Vigo have also been named as ‘ideal’ places...

University of Salamanca voted second most beautiful in Europe

Among the attributes of Salamanca’s university, which was opened in 1134, THE noted that the college library had a special attraction to help students.

IN PICS: raw sewage pumped out at three places off Nerja beaches

WHAT A DUMP: Raw sewage being discharged from a pipe off Nerja RAW sewage is being pumped out...

Human water consumption at risk from golf

A LEADING expert in water purification has warned wasting water on the upkeep of golf courses could diminish the supply for human use. The claim...

Storm Ana continues to thrash Mallorca from the South

STORM Ana has caused over 50 incidents across the Balearic Islands from strong winds, heavy rains and forceful waves. The islands are still on orange...

Drowning in a desert of plastic

There is a certain irony, claims Bob Maddox, that not only do the plastic greenhouses of the coast of Almería and Granada suck the land dry to stock the shelves of supermarkets, but also threaten the lives of local populations with increased risk of flooding

WATCH: Brits help save sea turtle wrapped in plastic off coast of Spain’s Marbella

https://www.facebook.com/jorge.duranperez.121/videos/2228043530809256/ THIS is the moment a sea turtle was rescued off the coast of Marbella.  The clip shows Brits and Spaniards pull the clearly distressed creature...