Thursday, June 20, 2019

South American spider leaves man hospitalised for 10 DAYS after bitten walking dogs on the Costa Blanca

A MAN has been hospitalised for 10 days after being bitten by a venomous spider ‘15 times more toxic than a cobra’...

Baby contracts scurvy in Spain after being put on almond-milk diet

Doctors have linked the rare disease to the baby’s almond milk-only diet

Health cuts see more than one million people to lose medical cover in 2015

Spain's Finance Ministry has slashed list of covered doctors and hospitals

FOUND: 76-year-old British expat not seen for a week after leaving hospital found ‘injured but alive’ on Costa del...

She was in hospital for treatment of severe arthritis pain and has recently experienced periods of confusion

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The moment Stacie Cottle leaves hospital in Spain with newborn baby

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of British mother leaving hospital with baby after three weeks of doctors insisting the newborn was not hers

Tea drinking reduces risk of dying early by a quarter

Great news for the Brits

British grandad in coma after Benidorm holiday faces 24-hour drive home and insurer WILL NOT pay

A 'slight mistake' on the family’s insurance policy has meant insurers won't pay out for the trip, which can cost around €12,800

The herbivore diaries: The OP’s Laurence Dollimore takes on the vegan challenge

The OP’s Laurence Dollimore survives on a vegan diet for a week ... almost

Warnings as woman almost DIES in Spain after suffering huge allergic reaction to partner’s sperm in WORLD FIRST

According to the British Medical Journal, the unidentified 31-year-old had trouble breathing and started vomiting after the sexual contact

Malaga hospital carries out most kidney transplants in Spain

The Hospital Regional Carlos Haya in Malaga carried out 173 such operations in 2016, more than any other in the country

Two British expat pensioners found in their Costa del Sol apartment had been dead for FIFTEEN days

POLICE have discovered the bodies of two expats in their Costa del Sol home.  The bodies of a 71-year-old man and 80-year-old woman, husband and...

Insure your health

Linea Directa guarantees patients will require less treatment through its medical treatment service

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

A growth in the tiny creatures is sweeping across Spain

San Pedro festival’s healthy outlook

Healthy living, nutrition and spirituality all discussed at weekend event

French dairy company linked to Salmonella outbreak across Europe

The company distributed the product to 12 countries in the EU, have blamed an evaporation tower used for drying as the source of the contamination.

Doctor Who?

String of health experts attending Living Well in Marbella

Why buying a bike is the only resolution worth investing in for the New Year

Writes Ashley from Andalucian Cycling Experience

Axarquia cyclist dies from heatstroke

The hospital stated that the exertion from cycling in such high temperatures caused the heatstroke

Water is perfect headache cure, says study

Drinking seven glasses of water a day eases pain and improves the quality of life

Several injured after explosion at a butcher’s shop in Granada

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon in the Durcal area

Pioneering laws for Andalucia restaurants as region wages war on obesity

NEW laws have come into effect this week in a bid to tackle Andalucia's growing obesity problem.  The region, with 16.6% of adults and almost...

Rise of the slouch potato in Spain

The ‘snail effect’ - or carrying heavy bags around - is causing spine problems in children

Raymond Prats: A simple test could save your life

The Simplecare expert explains the risks of vascular disease and the importance of screening