Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Healthcare help available for expats in Spain

Helping hand for expats struggling to find healthcare in Spain

Skin cancer breakthrough

New master cells discovered in the fight against skin cancer

Majority of Spaniards want the drinking age raised to 21

Debate is raging over whether raising the legal drinking age would be beneficial

Selfie-loving Spanish nurse dubbed ‘sexiest in the world’

International media has gone crazy for hospital worker Fran Suarez

Surgeon in Spain performs pioneering 10-year sex change surgery in 17 HOURS

The pioneering 17-hour op involved constructing a penis (phalloplasty) and removing the patient’s internal female organs and breasts

Malaga’s Butterfly Children Charity shop celebrates anniversary with mayor

Other attendees of Thursday’s anniversary party included officials, volunteers and sponsors

Still no smoking in Spain

Health Ministry announces it will not be making any changes to the laws brought in last January

EXCLUSIVE: The Olive Press interviewed Azahara Munoz before winning open title

The Olive Press caught up with Azahara Munoz before she went on to retain Costa del Sol Open title

Spanish jazz musician plays saxophone during 12-hour brain surgery

With a piece of his skull removed, doctors from Malaga’s Carlos Haya hospital instructed the 27-year-old to play his alto sax as ensured his musical ability was not hampered by the operation

Spain seizes five people who tried to buy immigrant’s kidney for €6,000

Spanish police arrested five people who offered a penniless immigrant €6,000 in exchange for a kidney

Melanoma on the march in Spain says top dermatologist, as half of 65-year-olds suffer cancer

Survival rates are improving ‘spectacularly’ - from just two per cent to 50%, thanks to early detection and  new research on immunity and genetics

A walk a day helps keep breast cancer away

Research has found women who are active for four hours a week are less likely to develop breast cancer

Fracking has officially failed in Spain in loss for Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular

Fracking firms have been met with strong opposition from locals and regional authorities

Why the Christmas period can be the most dangerous

THE festive period is here again, with a full diary of Christmas events and office parties. The time of year when you can let...

Smoking linked to Alzheimer’s

Over 33% of Spain's men and one quarter of women are smokers

Dancing and singing Spanish babies responding to music in mothers’ wombs

Study shows unborn babies moving mouths in time with music

Ditch the itch

Herb specialist Sue Rodgers reveals the best natural remedies for avoiding hay fever

Google Glass introduced into Valencia hospitals

Valencian hospitals reintroduce controversial Google Glass in the operating room

Expat drivers in Spain required to take medical test

A new directive will mean people driving on a UK licence will be forced to undergo a sight, hearing and co-ordination test

Obese for life

Children who are obese by the time they are eight find it harder to get slim when they are older

Natural remedies for an upset tummy

Sue Rodgers looks at how to settle your stomach this summer…

Residents fight Junta de Andalucia for new hospital in Estepona

A pressure group - Plataforma Ciudadana Pro Hospital de Estepona - is demanding the Junta completes the hospital

Specsavers Optica takes part in National Eye Health Week

In support of the week Specsavers are holding free eye tests

Health workers at La Linea hospital call for return of cut wages

They want a return to a 35-hour week, the return of pay to 2012 levels and an end to docking pay for those who are off sick