Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Big cuts in Spain’s healthcare

Healthcare cuts in Spain three times higher than European average

Bowled over by Ebola? Or an urban-myth-style scare story that has nearly run its course?

EXCLUSIVE: In a humorous - but all too painfully true dispatch - Spanish-based UK Journalist Jo Chipchase on the rise and fall of Ebola, and where we go from here

‘Pretty boys’ have stronger sperm than ‘macho men’ says Spanish research

Research in Valencia reveals testosterone actually impedes sperm production

Immunotherapy miracle-drug ‘cures’ skin cancer patient

A new drug has rocked the medical world after seemingly curing a man of skin cancer

New pill for Alzheimer’s available in Spain

Betrinac has successfully been shown to treat those with memory problems

Natural remedies for an upset tummy

Sue Rodgers looks at how to settle your stomach this summer…

‘Healthcare must be free for all’, says Andalucia Junta

Junta refuses to bow to ‘xenophobic’ rules forcing foreigners to pay for treatment

Spain has Europe’s lowest breast cancer mortality rate

Spanish women are the least likely to die from breast cancer in Europe

Spanish doctor ordered to pay up for mis-diagnosis of Wolf Man

A Madrid court found the medic guilty of not carrying out essential check-ups

Spanish women live the second longest in the world

Figures show the average Spanish woman lived to the ripe-old age of 85.1 years in 2012

Cancer Sucks Spain

Cancer support group comes into fruition after starting on Facebook

Beating the blood-suckers

The Olive Press offers its tips to beat the mozzies

New holistic rehabilitation centre launching in Guadalhorce Valley

Recalibrate aims to help people 'recognise, realise and realign'

A step towards the Holocaust!

Reporting on smokers in new smoking ban is akin to collaborating with the Nazis, claims politician

‘Smart home’ to tackle dementia

Network of sensors could keep elderly people in their own homes for longer, by Imogen Calderwood

Booze can cause brain damage, say Spanish researchers

Substance in alcohol destroys part of brain that controls reactions

Calorie counting campaign to drink less alcohol targets women

And find out the calories in what you're drinking

Tea drinking reduces risk of dying early by a quarter

Great news for the Brits

Wine AND exercise needed to shield against heart disease

The 'daily glass of wine' only works if you're also active

The great emasculator

Spanish men lose their mojo as pollution plays havoc with the male gender

Hip replacement support group in Spain

Expat launches support group for faulty hip replacement victims after her own ordeal

Free healthcare in Europe

Patients will be able to seek medical care throughout the continent

Offering renewed hope in the fight against cancer

New cancer support organization meets in Carvajal, Fuengirola

‘One treatment and I had stopped!’

The Olive Press meets anti-smoking campaigner Carol Adams from Stop Smoking in Spain

Ginger joy

Ginger is apparently great for migraines

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

A growth in the tiny creatures is sweeping across Spain