Monday, August 15, 2022


‘Healthcare must be free for all’, says Andalucia Junta

Junta refuses to bow to ‘xenophobic’ rules forcing foreigners to pay for treatment

BREAKING: Number of new coronavirus infections in Spain nearly doubles in last 24 hours

THE number of new coronavirus infections in Spain has nearly doubled in the last 24 hours.

Healthcare professionals will be able to tour Malaga, Sevilla and Palma on city sightseeing buses for free until end...

HEALTHCARE professionals will be able to tour Malaga, Sevilla and Palma on city sightseeing buses for free until the end of the year, it has been announced.

Spain’s Andalucia openly critical of Health chief’s bid to relax face mask regulations

THE Junta has criticised the government's announcement that face mask regulations may be relaxed soon. According to health chief Fernando Simon, the recent vaccination drive...

Don’t be a Christmas pud!

Seven tips to avoid the four extra kilos people put on over the festive period

Spain’s newly-developed Covid vaccine, Hipra, claims good protection against Omicron variants

SPAIN'S new Covid-19 vaccine made by Girona-based pharmaceutical company Hipra is producing a good antibody response to the current range of Omicron variants that...

Christmas restrictions could be introduced if COVID hospital numbers soar in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

VALENCIA region president, Ximo Puig, has warned that COVID hospital rates will determine whether extra restrictions are brought in over the Christmas period. The latest...

Doctor punched and paramedic almost strangled during home visit in Spain’s Murcia City

A doctor and paramedic were assaulted during to a home visit to a Murcia City patient. The double attack saw the doctor punched in the...

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

A growth in the tiny creatures is sweeping across Spain

2016: What a year!

A look back at one of the most dramatic years in memory

Brit dad left stranded in Spain with memory loss following horror Costa del Sol motorway fall

The carer from Caerphilly, south Wales,was jogging down a hill with teenage son Ashley when he fell in front of an oncoming car

Spain makes it a crime for pro-lifers to harrass women outside abortion clinics

A new law came into force on Thursday which stops women going for an abortion being harassed by demonstrators outside clinics in Spain. The measure...

NO NEW COVID-19 deaths in Balearic Islands as Ibiza clinic becomes first in Spain to use pioneering ozone therapy

According to health officials, more than half of those infected with COVID-19 have won the battle against the virus

Putting SimpleCare to the test

The Olive Press’ Commercial Director Dale Nottingham tries out an affordable private health scheme

Three Brits die from Legionnaires’ disease in Spain

The pensioners had been staying at the Diamante Beach Hotel in Calpe, in Valencia

COVID-19 passports for nightlife are approved in Murcia area of Spain

COVID passports have been approved for use in Murcia's nightlife venues by the regional Superior Court. The green light was given this Friday after the...

Drug used to combat arthritis and asthma could also help save coronavirus patients’ lives

A CHEAP and widely available drug can help save the lives of patients seriously ill with coronavirus, it has been revealed.

COVID ANDALUCIA: 16 deaths recorded in past 24 hours as 1484 new cases detected

ANDALUCIA has detected 1484 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, the lowest cumulative rate for the third consecutive day.  Sadly 16 more people have died...

What lurks beneath

Sharing everything from pens to shopping trolleys can help spread potentially dangerous germs

Guernsey turns to Spain to plug healthcare gap

Guernsey looks to Spain to plug health worker shortfall

COVID-19: Spain and US now the two countries where coronavirus is spreading fastest

In Spain each patient infects on average three other people, one of the highest rates in the world

‘Love apples’ fight cancer

Scientists have found cooked tomatoes to contain a powerful cancer-fighting nutrient

WATCH: Danish video implores Spaniards to protect them from skin cancer

"Remind us that every minute counts under the Spanish sun"

Specsavers appeal: Expats asked to donate gifts to families struggling in Spain this Christmas

SPECSAVERS Opticas Fuengirola is calling on people to think of those less fortunate than themselves this Christmas and support families who have been hit...

Everything you need to know about Spain’s vaccine plan for children

SPAIN has drawn up plans to vaccinate secondary school children against COVID-19 before the end of summer.  The county’s health minister yesterday revealed that pupils...

Serum injected into arms by mistake and not COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine in Alicante Province town in Spain

PEOPLE summonsed for a second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine shot got serum injected into them instead. It's estimated that 12 residents from Biar in Alicante Province...





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