Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Two Costa Blanca hospitals show operation waiting times are HALF the regional average

WAITING lists at two of Costa Blanca’s largest hospitals are HALF the regional average, figures released today show. Average waiting times for operations at The...

We’re only human… just

OUR bodies are covered in microscopic creatures, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Not surprisingly the vast majority of this microscopic life resides in our...

COVID-19 case latest from the Costa Blanca and Valencia regions of Spain

NEW coronavirus cases are maintaining a very marginal rise on a week-to week basis in the Valencian Community. The Tuesday(June 1) report from the regional...

Pregnancy tests boom in Spain’s Alicante as health experts worry unemployment causing couples to think twice

SALES of pregnancy tests have exploded in Alicante as health experts worry unemployment due to the impacts of lockdown are making couples shelve plans...

Brain food: the science behind taste

With high profile chefs and scientists teaming up in San Sebastian for a symposium in October, Ana DeJesus sets out to discover the science behind taste

Costa Blanca hoteliers gift hundreds of empty beds to Valencian health authorities in fight against Coronavirus

ALICANTE Province’s major hotel association has pledged hundreds of its beds to health authorities, in a major move to halt the spread of the...

Spain’s health service gets praise from WHO-Europe for keeping costs down for patients

A World Health Organisation(WHO) report has praised Spain's health service and says health costs are lower than most other European countries. The WHO-Europe study says...

No new coronavirus related deaths in Spain’s Malaga for the second consecutive day

THE province of Malaga has registered no new coronavirus related deaths for the second consecutive day.

Women in Spain have third lowest fertility rate in Europe

SPANISH women have the third lowest fertility rate in Europe. New analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the birth rate among...

Party for ‘cancer-free’ Ashya King in Marbella

A party will be held at the Marbella International Highcare Hospital by the Association for a Smile, for Ashya and 13 other young cancer patients

Andalucia hospital wins award for ‘most innovative treatments’ in Spain

CORDOBA’s Reina Sofía University Hospital has received an award for one of the most innovative treatments in Spanish medicine. The hospital, which is affiliated...

Health chiefs say a new COVID-19 wave is hitting Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

THE Valencian Community is at the start of a sixth wave of the COVID pandemic according to a regional health ministry report. Rising COVID cases...

World first as Spanish scientists create human-monkey hybrids in China so they can ‘grow organs’

In Greek mythology, chimeras are often depicted as a fire-breathing creature composed of a lion, goat and snake

Healthcare professionals will be able to tour Malaga, Sevilla and Palma on city sightseeing buses for free until end...

HEALTHCARE professionals will be able to tour Malaga, Sevilla and Palma on city sightseeing buses for free until the end of the year, it has been announced.

Lower infections and hospital admissions but ‘nothing decided’ over September COVID-19 restrictions in Costa Blanca area of Spain

THE Valencian government will wait until the last minute before deciding on COVID-19 restrictions to replace current measures which end on September 6. Health Minister,...

And bend and breathe…getting over the festive champagne and chocolates with online yoga

CHAMPAGNE and Ferrero Rocher felt like an excellent self care program for the first week of Christmas, but by the end of the Reyes,...

Former Real Madrid president, Lorenzo Sanz, dies after testing positive for coronavirus

FORMER Real Madrid president, Lorenzo Sanz, has died after contracting coronavirus.

Free healthcare in Spain by 2013

But implementation of the EU directive could still be held up by individual states

How Spain’s popular shisha habit can cause heart attacks, strokes, tuberculosis and more

SMOKING from a shisha pipe increases the risk of heart attack or stroke by causing blood clots to form much quicker. That's according to the...

ANALYSIS: What we know about COVID situation in Spain as infection rate soars

SPAIN is currently in the grip of what it calls the sixth wave and for the third time since the pandemic started the infection...

Malaga couple investigated after baby swallows cannabis

A test showed that the baby had the drug present in her bloodstream

Guernsey turns to Spain to plug healthcare gap

Guernsey looks to Spain to plug health worker shortfall

Baby contracts scurvy in Spain after being put on almond-milk diet

Doctors have linked the rare disease to the baby’s almond milk-only diet

Cost Funerals on the Costa del Sol offers the best in dealing with the loss of a loved one

Specialising in dealing with all aspects of the loss of a loved one, with over 60 years experience in total.

Why you should ignore your Body Mass Index

Raymond Prats explores why Body Mass Index is an unreliable tool for determining if a person is overweight and why we should use Resting Metabolic Rate instead…

Warnings against ‘complacency’ among young people ahead of major crackdown on parties

FERNANDO Onega warned against “complacency” about COVID-19  among young people today ahead of a major crackdown on people holding parties in defiance of social distancing. The...




New COVID-19 record but hospital admissions are much lower than 2021 numbers in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of...

A new pandemic record daily total of 39,585 cases was reported this Tuesday in the Valencian Community. Exactly a year ago, the total was 8,423. The...


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