Friday, February 26, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Top Costa del Sol law firm Martinez-Echevarria investigated for paying kickbacks for contracts

A new ruling by the Malaga Bar Association now means that the firm could be heavily fined and even suspended from practising

Two key lobbying groups join ‘K.O. the kickbacks’ campaign

Ongoing probe aims to stop the corrupt practice of agents only giving conveyancing jobs to lawyers if they agree to a kickback of up to 20%

Agents on board Olive Press campaign to stamp out kickbacks on the Costa del Sol

Our ongoing probe aims to stamp out the bent practice of lawyers paying estate agents unethical commissions up to 20% in return for conveyancing work

Olive Press campaign to stop kickbacks between lawyers and estate agents gains support of Andalucia law firms

A number of legal firms and estate agents have already backed the campaign

Give them the boot: Olive Press campaign to stop lawyer’s kickbacks

The Olive Press has launched a campaign to K.O the kickbacks

K.O. the kickbacks: Olive Press launches campaign to expose shady property lawyer practices

Some lawyers giving estate agents ‘backhanders’ of up to 20% for working on conveyancing deals


Dumb thieves travel 400 kilometres to break Benidorm curfew and are identified after supermarket robberies on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THREE young robbers travelled over 400 kilometres from Zaragoza to Benidorm to break into a couple of supermarkets by smashing the windows...