Thursday, May 23, 2019

Galactic gastronomy: A star trek to Andalucia’s stellar Michelin restaurants

Check out our guide to all Andalucia’s one- and two-starred restaurants that made the cut

Puigdemont says Rajoy should stop waiting to restore ‘legitimate’ government

However, Rajoy has dismissed the idea of Puigdemont governing from Belgium as 'absurd', after he fled there on charges of rebellion and sedition.

Andalucia prepares for spectacular Semana Santa celebrations

Incredible Holy Week celebrations to bring millions on to Spain's streets

Smuggler’s confessions: Francis Morland sheds light on his old drug smuggling empire in Spain and Gibraltar

He went from house parties and skiing trips with Princess Margaret to smuggling cannabis, and rubbing shoulders with seasoned criminals

Missing ‘child painter of Malaga’ declared dead 29 years after he disappeared

Budding artist David Guerrero disappeared from his Malaga home at the age of 14, almost three decades ago

Sotogrande: the second home of golf

Golf enthusiasts can enjoy the area's six courses

Controversial Costa del Sol bullfight sells out in HOURS

A BULLFIGHTING festival in Andalucia sold out in just 10 hours after a world-famous matador was revealed to be taking part. The news that Jose...

Spanish city under fire for handing out ‘cocaine cards’ and advice on how to snort Class A drug

News of the campaign only came out this week, sparking criticism from the Partido Popular in Bilbao

Explicit Antoni Miro sculptures ‘endangering children’, say community leaders in Spain

COMMUNITY leaders in Valencia are demanding the withdrawal of Antoni Miro’s latest explicit art exhibition in a bid to ‘protect children’ in the city. The...

Spain has second-highest life expectancy in the world, new figures show

Experts cite the country's healthy Mediterranean diet

A golden opportunity

With gold at a four-month high, Rund Abdelfatah explores the ways in which you can turn your trinkets into treasure

WATCH: Embarrassing moment Miss Universe Spain contestant falls into pool while attempting catwalk twirl

Pilar Magro attempts an elegant pool-side twirl but the effect is ruined when she spins herself off the edge

Rare Spanish treasure found among child’s ‘toy’ set by British owner

Worth up to €300,000, the rare Queen Anne Vigo five guinea piece was given to an anonymous owner by his grandfather

New Spanish brand of beer slammed for insulting Hindu religion

The brewery has since apologised

Top Gibraltar scientist speaks out on Straits Neanderthals

Clive Finlayson will give a talk in Spain on March 27-29

La Cala Lions Club donates €2,000 to Butterfly children charity

Butterfly children suffer from a rare and debilitating skin disease

Estepona set for weekend of carnival celebrations

Estepona is in for a weekend of fun and festivities with the carnival coming to town

45,000 sign petition to protect bull from appearing in Madrid opera

The bull’s owner earns about €5,000 per showing

What the health and safety? The EU concept seems to be lost on Mallorca locals, writes Lesley Keith

THE new year is well under way and let’s face it there’s never a dull moment here in Mallorca. Whereas in Britain January is...

Still passionate about Flamenco

The book by English author Tony Bryant takes us on a journey into the world of authentic flamenco

Spain and others concerned over new Ireland drinks bill

Ireland has until the end of July to issue a response to each member state

George Orwell’s Gibraltar musings

The author of 1984 was impressed by the Rock during his time there

IN PICS: Round-up of Costa del Sol’s best Christmas lights in 2018

MALAGA does Christmas like nowhere else, but it’s not the only place on the Costa del Sol with a spectacular display of...

Bull gores 60-year-old man to death during festival in Spain

His death is said to be the first in the local event's history

GIRL POWER: A look at Andalucia’s strongest women

They were recently named among the most powerful women in Spain

Lux Mundi open day to showcase its work for the community in the Costa del Sol

The Lux Mundi foundation was set up to heal the divisions among Christian denominations