Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Praise from British councillor on Spain’s Costa Blanca results in a trip to Madrid

BRITISH councillor, Darren Parmenter, got a recent surprise when he was asked to meet top officials at Spain's Migrations department in Madrid.

Dali diptych painted during Spanish Civil War sold for €9million at London auction

An off-the-wall painting by Spanish artist Salvador Dalí sold for a staggering €9 million in London last night.  The...

Squatters run riot on Costa del Sol as organised gangs hand over keys to top properties

ORGANISED gangs are helping squatters get a foothold on the Costa del Sol, taking advantage of the surge of empty holiday homes...

Spanish Government works to repeal parental consent rule

THE Spanish Government says it wants to change the law to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to seek an abortion without parental permission.

Shakira to join forces with Prince William and David Attenborough to help save the planet

SHE is the much-loved Colombian singer whose hips don’t lie and who dominates the music charts and storms stages across the globe. 

From Spain’s King Felipe VI to Queen Liz – here’s how much Europe’s royalty are worth

WHO wouldn’t like to live like a princess? Or a king for that matter? The jewels, the butlers, the palaces - it...

Spain ranks top as the most searched country on Google for those looking to relocate

Spain is the most searched country on Google for people looking to relocate.  iProperty Management examined Google’s Keyword Planner...

Spanish pop star Amaia bags first Grammy nomination

SPANISH pop singer Amaia has received her first Grammy award nomination. The star, 21, is best known for taking...

Mayor of La Linea reacts to controversial Netflix series depicting Spanish town as ‘the drug gateway to Europe’

FIRING gunshots into the air, police officers swarm towards a boat full of drug...

El Corte Inglés advert of child ‘hanging’ sparks uproar

A new ‘Back to School’ advert from El Corte Inglés featuring a child ‘hanging’ above a chair as sparked uproar on social media. 

EXCLUSIVE: This is NOT Armageddon, insists mother of young cancer hero Ashya King as she seeks sanctuary in Spain...

‘‘THEY are holed up at home and terrified this is Armageddon,” says Naghmeh King

How Henry VIII gambled away the crown to a cheeky Spaniard

Jack Gaioni reveals a fascinating historical tale that has been buried - until now

COVID-19 crisis: Economists predict Spain’s Balearic Islands will suffer biggest recession in its history

Economists predict the consequences of the health crisis will be catastrophic for the region

IN PICS: It’s the end of Madrid as we know it – coronavirus report from streets of Spanish capital

IT’S not exactly the Civil War or a scene from the 1936 Battle of Madrid, but there is a definite siege mentality in Madrid and it’s building

INVESTIGATION: Uncovering the plight of homeless British expats on the Costa del Sol

Spain promised work and a new life in the sun and they spent 17 happy years here before it all came crashing down

British builder walks length of Spain with his Podenco pooch for charity

“We really need to help dogs like this and for people to change attitudes to them”

News Round-up Episode 3

Our journalists break down the biggest news stories from Andalucia and across Spain during the last two weeks. This episode we discuss the upcoming Spanish...

BOOK SERIAL, PART 2: A Fleet Street hack arrives and takes the paper to new heights

He had picked up a copy of The Olive Press at Granada Airport and had been overcome by the feeling that we were in desperate need of his help.

Driving, residency, passports… everything British expats in Spain need to know to prepare for Brexit

“Most important for Brits living in Spain are the standard things like getting the residencia and driving license.”

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Lost plane and pilot found by Navy off Mallorca’s northern coast

AFTER three days of frantic searching, a lost fire-fighting plane has been found with the pilot at the bottom of the sea. A Navy ship...

The rise of Spain’s new prime minister Pedro Sanchez

After making political history Spain’s new prime minister, Pedro Sanchez - dubbed ‘el guapo’ (the handsome one) - is used to defying all odds

Algaida Fisherman still lost at sea from Storm Ana

STORM Ana might have done some damage around Mallorca, but none more so than to the Nopere family. Algaida resident Steve Nopere, 34, has been...

Seven migrant boats rescued in the Strait of Gibraltar in just ONE day

THE deadly Moroccan-Spanish migrant route is only increasing in popularity with the Spanish coastguard rescuing SEVEN boats on Saturday. Over 150 migrants were pulled from...

The British teenage anarchist who tried to kill Franco with explosives hidden under granny’s sweater

The scale of his repression, torture and murder made him a natural target for political campaigns and the morally aware, writes Alastair Stewart.

British expats allowed to stay if no deal is reached, says foreign minister Alfonso Dastis

Speaking on the BBC 1 Andrew Marr show Spain's foreign minister Alfonso Dastis has ensured the lives of British expats are 'not disrupted' in the event of a 'no deal' split from the EU.