Friday, March 5, 2021

The writing was on the wall

Olive Press editor Jon Clarke recalls his visit to witness the fall of the Berlin wall 20 years ago and what the implications would be on both his life and his belief in a united Europe

Ghost director praises Andalucian film

Bruce Joel Rubin attends New York screening

Complaints against lawyers ignored in Spain

Numerous cases are being ‘buried and unheard’, claims lawyer

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Back to the dark ages: Spain and the abortion ban

‘Medieval, draconian, sexist’. Spain’s proposed abortion reforms won’t be delivered smoothly, writes Imogen Calderwood

Go back to your tractors!

A generation of labourers who took control of town halls has helped create Spain’s corruption problems

Spain could out-export Italy in food and drink by the end of the decade

Spain's food and drink exports grow the most over past 12 months

A very Hispanic soap opera

He rose from nothing to become the mayor of Marbella. With his superstar girlfriend and expensive tastes, his face appeared in gossip magazines throughout Spain

VIDEO: Planes near-miss at Barcelona airport

Footage of the 'near miss' has gone viral on youtube

Spain’s high speed trains stay on track

Spain’s high speed trains are set to stay despite setbacks to the second most complex rail network in the world, writes Rob Horgan

The day the H-Bombs came to Andalucía

by Bob Maddox Forty one years ago today, a mid air collision between two US Air Force planes during refueling led to...

Why libel is no big deal in Spain

Thanks to former dictator Franco, freedom of speech is well enshrined under Spanish law, writes Antonio Flores

Capital Gains Tax changes could spell trouble for expats owning UK property

Foreign owners of UK property assets are being advised to seek property valuations to avoid falling foul of changes to Capital Gains Tax, writes David Westgate – Managing Director, Andrews Letting & Management

Amy’s sad and lonely existence

The Olive Press delves deep into the teenager’s troubled life

Cosa Nostra del Sol

Leading Mafia experts and Italian newspaper claim Spain - particularly the Costa del Sol and Barcelona - is now the centre for global organised crime

Family’s ‘hope’ for hiker who disappeared in Spain during London to Gibraltar walk

David Oldman, 66, last seen near Almeria two months ago

Focus on Gibraltar’s people: Puff Daddy

The Lewis Stagnetto family business has been the Rock’s leading provider of fine Cuban cigars for over a century. Also supplying fine wines and spirits across Gibraltar

The land that time forgot

Spain is littered with traces of ancient man, remains of dinosaurs and proof that Neanderthal man held his last stand in Gibraltar just 24,000 years ago. After a 6ft thigh bone of a dinosaur was found in Teruel, the Olive Press sent Wendy Williams to investigate

‘There’s a whole world past Michelin’: Olive Press editor meets world’s top chefs

I’D made a point of arriving an hour before the allotted time for the culinary love-in when two dozen Michelin-starred chefs descended on Marbella...

Rare rhino born in Spanish nature park

White rhino the first to be born in the park for 16 years

VIDEO: Virgin falls off float in Alicante Easter procession

The shocking scenes were captured on film by spectators

Happy sixth birthday to the Olive Press!

The team refuses to get complacent as the Olive Press celebrates six successful years

Gypsy Kings and wandering hands

It’s a musical instrument, it’s a riotous Christmas celebration with an often bawdy difference... and it’s unique to the home of sherry, writes Joe Duggan

New book reveals web of spies in First World War Spain

During the Great War, Britain’s ambassador to Spain got caught out by a female spy, who was the sister of the man who later inspired dictator Franco

James Hewitt bounding back in Spain

Five years after fleeing the UK for southern Spain, Lady Di’s former lover James Hewitt is proud of the successful restaurant Polo House he has set up in Marbella, a place where he feels he has finally put down roots

Seventy years on – an International Brigadier returns to Spain

By Theresa Hogue. Additional reporting by Mark Roulston "VIVA Rusia," the women shouted from their balconies as a group of mainly French and German soldiers...


NEW COVID-19 daily case totals down to August levels in latest numbers from Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community are continuing to go down on the indicative week-to-week basis according to figures released tonight(March...