Thursday, May 28, 2020

Four years of change, four years of controversy

As the PSOE party retains power in Spain, CARLOS PRANGER analyses the socialist's first four years in government

Lorca’s Alpujarra

Carlos Pranger takes a step back in time to walk the hills of La Alpujarra with poet Federico Garcia Lorca and composer Manuel de Falla

The other bullfighting

Neil Wilson looks at the recortes, a spectacular form of bullfighting that – perhaps – belongs in the circus rather than the ring

Boobs to Bullfighting!

Lisa Tilley finds out the prologue to the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona is a torture-free spectacle with more boobs and bums than bovines

“I mostly play golf in Spain” says Nazi found in Marbella

The search for “Dr Death” puts Marbella Nazi in the spotlight as a Norwegian former SS member is investigated for aiding wanted concentration camp doctor

Los Merinos golf is “a horror story,” says famous MEP

Euro MP Michael Cashman has joined the battle to save a huge area of Unesco-protected woodland threatened by a controversial golf macro-project

Vino, vidi, vici

Wine industry claims victory as Government calls time on “anti-alcohol” law

Dying with dignity

FEW subjects arouse as much controversy orheated debate as does euthanasia. Almost everyone, when probed, has a stance on the issue. Perhaps we can...

Lunar eclipse alert!

AS we come to the later part of February our thoughts are beginning to turn to the end of winter and to warmer nights...

Tea of Tranquility

In the narrow lanes of Granada’s Arab quarter, perfumed secrets wait to be revealed.

The Spanish Civil War and the Written Word

Many books have been written in English on the civil war that tore Spain in two. Carlos Pranger looks at some and concludes now is the time for Spaniards to examine their own history for themselves

Slow silent suffering: So, what’s news?

Lisa Tilley asks why is news of drug-taking celebrities and Royals on the razz more important than famine, war and disease in the Third World.

Removals to Spain – the hard way

Jon Clarke discovers the joys of Harvesters and truckers on a mammoth and costly self hire van trip back to the UK

The day the H-bombs came to Andalucía

Forty one years ago last week, a mid air collision between two US Air Force planes during refueling led to four nuclear bombs – each 100 times more powerful than that which flattened Hiroshima - falling on the fishing village of Palomares in Almería

The search for Lorca’s Grave

WHEN the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936, Gerald Brenan was living with his wife Gamel Woolsey in Churriana, a village west of...

Don’t cry for Isabel Perón

Two arrest warrants in one week for the former Argentina president

The day the H-Bombs came to Andalucía

by Bob Maddox Forty one years ago today, a mid air collision between two US Air Force planes during refueling led to...

Ex-pats sued for green views

Trio of Ronda residents – including writer Alastair Boyd – face a 22 million euros lawsuit in a campaign of “mafia-style harassment” by developers

Eta: Freedom fighters to terrorists? How the oppressed became the oppressors

INCENSED by the oppression suffered by those of Basque ethnicity under General Franco’s dictatorship (1939-1975), a group of students mobilised to form Eta (Euskadi...

Spanish Living – Botellón: Something like a Phenomenon

The language of botellón. Exercise books at the ready!

Adiós to the Little Red Man

While the street signs are feminised in Madrid province, Granada towns are tackling gender violence in society

Annual walk for the children of Tibet

THIS year's walk - the twelfth - started, as ever, at the hermitage of Padre Eterno, between Orgiva and Pampaneira. The day was a...

The camera never lies

By Jason Heppenstall I have to admit that I wasn't prepared for it. I had barely lurched out of the car, roadmap still in hand,...

Seventy years on – an International Brigadier returns to Spain

By Theresa Hogue. Additional reporting by Mark Roulston "VIVA Rusia," the women shouted from their balconies as a group of mainly French and German soldiers...

The Orionid Meteors

By Paul Downing There's an important and exciting astronomy event going on in the skies during late October - the annual Orionid meteor shower. ...

Your right to vote in Spain

ON the 27th May 2007 municipal elections will be contested throughout Spain. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in the running of their...