Saturday, July 20, 2019

Shining the property spotlight on Gibraltar

The Rock is flying high while still offering surprisingly good value for money, according to a new report by Savills

Illegal construction inspections kick off across Malaga

Four-year inspection hunts down Spain’s ‘illegal’ housing modifications

New Podemos mayor in Cadiz ensures shelter for evicted family

He and four other councillors, who had stood against repossessions in the city, joined protesters at the home of the family

Spain property prices set to soar by 2.5% in 2017

The prediction by experts at BBVA bank shows conditions are still favourable for moderate growth in the country

Luxury real estate on the rise in Spain

The capital’s luxury residential and rental market is the second fastest growing market in Europe

British developer in Spain says 2010 was better than 2009

A major British developer in Spain has revealed it saw an increase in sales of 50 per cent in 2010

Arkitects Sotogrande: Redefining architecture

IT must be the coolest estate agent on the coast. Arkitects Sotogrande, better know as ARK, boasts an impressive collection of extravagant-modern homes scattered across...

Construction recommences at La Reserva in Sotogrande for first time since 2008

The groundbreaking announcement will see the completion of the final stage of infrastructure

M1 Legal is stacking up the victories against Spain’s Timeshare giants

Cala Pi – Maintenance Fees Victory M1 Legal’s clients had two contracts, Cala Pi Maintenance S.L. and Noarre S.L.  The case was initiated by their...

Let’s talk about (Brex)it

At the event at the Marbella Golf and Country Club on July 28, insurance and currency experts, mortgage brokers, lawyers and notary representatives will deliver speeches

Cheaper to buy than to rent in Spain

Families living in rented accommodation have to allocate 27% of their income to meet monthly payments

Flat and apartment sales eclipse Spain’s rural holiday home market

In the past 12 months, 80% of all properties sold in Spain were flats and apartments

Swedish TV property expert claims Fuengirola is booming

A famous face in Scandinavia, agent Sven Kallstrom explains how he hopes to win round the new influx of UK buyers heading to Fuengirola

Personal data laws in Spain are about to get a lot more complicated

RECENT changes to the Spanish Data Protection Act (Ley de Protección de Datos or “LOPD”) and the ancillary Royal Decree that sets out security...

A distinct lack of distress

Residents of Sotogrande – where the average home price is 1.5m euros – are generally not pressurised into panic-selling

Costa del Sol property: Keep calm and carry on

After an initial slump as buyers and sellers worried about life after Brexit, the market has begun to pick up again and things are getting back to how they were before June 23

Spain’s multi-billion house sale

Banco Popular is looking to reduce its property assets by 30% through the sales in 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Sainsbury family snap up magical hideaway in Gaucin

Hollywood stars Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy spent their honeymoon at the former holiday villa

EXCLUSIVE: Conned Brit pleads for property fraudsters to finally be jailed in Spain

British couple Neil and Caroline Riddoch’s Spanish plans quickly became a nightmare, after it turned out they had paid €92,000 to fraudsters for land in a nearby village

Let’s build

This week Liam Kellehar looks at the architect’s role during construction

Real estate investment drops by €4 billion in Spain

Last year’s high of €13 billion is expected to calm down to €9 billion in 2016, but despite the drop, experts say the country’s property and construction scenes are both in good health and that the market is levelling out

Business is booming for Blackshaw with six building projects on the go and a brand new online store

IT’S all go at Blackshaw Interior Design. As well as working with two investors, they have four projects currently on the go in Las Brisas,...

Pharaoh lifestyle up for grabs in Sotogrande

A golden opportunity to acquire the pharaoh lifestyle for the fair old price of €13m is up for grabs in Sotogrande – and it’s not pyramid selling

Investors snap up Spanish buy2let bargains

Investors set to benefit from changes in law which make renting out property more attractive

Nervous Brits put Spanish property purchases on hold while Brexit unfolds

Property firm Kyero reported a decline in growth in enquiries for Spanish properties for the first time in February

ON FIRE: British buyers lead the way as foreign market in Spain zooms up

AN avalanche of foreign buyers is setting Spain’s property market on fire! A total of 53,359 homes were acquired by foreigners in the first half...