Friday, February 26, 2021

Santander boss appointed to PM Cameron’s economic advisory council

Ana Botin, president of Santander since September 2014, becomes only non-Brit in Business Advisory Group

Spanish corruption cases treble since 2011, government figures show

2015 saw record number of arrests and investigations by authorities

Estepona town hall has just 35 admin staff out of almost 1,100 employees

The region employs 1,096 public employees, of which 164 are civil servants

Spain to send more troops to Iraq ‘despite ISIS defeat’

SPAIN will not withdraw its troops from Iraq despite the recent 'victory' over ISIS.  According to head Spanish military trainer Luis Zaldumbide, the time has...

Andalucia elections: ‘change’ starts there, says Podemos leader

PODEMOS leader Pablo Iglesias has pinpointed the Andalucian regional elections as the start of his party's 2015 election campaign. He told a rally of hundreds...

Spain accused of attempt to ‘force out’ British MEP in row over Gibraltar

Claude Moraes has claimed Spain is behind a ‘systematic’ attack aimed at getting him to back down over Gibraltar

REVEALED: How much Spanish migrants contribute to UK economy, and it’s a LOT more than they claim in benefits

NEW figures released by the the UK's HMRC have revealed how much EU migrants contribute to the British economy. The latest statistics, from 2013/14 give...

Costa del Sol residents being asked to take in refugees this summer

It is hoped locals will open their doors to the families for 10 days

Ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato’s Rock secret

Disgraced Spanish politician has 26 secret links to Gibraltar businesses

Princess Cristina ‘convinced’ of her husband’s innnocence in Noos fraud trial

Infanta refuses to answer prosecution questions over family safari billed to her company

Spain almost entirely eliminates burning of coal for electricity some 10 YEARS ahead of schedule thanks to EU regulations

SPAIN has all but eliminated the burning of coal for electricity after turning its back on the fossil fuel at a record rate last...

Star Trek star Sir Patrick Stewart blasts Brexit ahead of People’s March for Europe London rally

Spanish-based campaign group slams UK government's 'lack of preparation' in Brexit talks

Major stumbling block between PSOE and Podemos forming pact is removed

Anti-austerity party accepts single parliamentary group decision after regional clash

Podemos members to vote on new policy direction next month

Podemos is to give all its members the chance to decide on future policy between February 4 and 11

Catalonia vows it will hold independence referendum in September

It comes after the latest polls show 47% of Catalans support independence

Spain’s political deadlock continues after three-way party meeting fails

Podemos demands proved too much for opposing delegates

EU leaders agree to next stage of Brexit negotiations in Brussels

The leaders also adopted a set of guidelines detailing a rough timetable for a transition period and a schedule of deadlines to ensure negotiations remain fluid.  

Boris Johnson reveals Brexit trade deal is looking ‘very very difficult’ at the moment

BORIS Johnson has told reporters that achieving a trade deal with the EU is looking 'very very difficult'.

Remain campaigners urge expats to take part in huge anti-Brexit bonfire

It will coincide with the first EU referendum anniversary

Former Junta heads probed over role in multi-million euro ERE fraud

Chavez and Grinan to be grilled over their links to corruption

Andalucia calls for redistribution of migrant minors across Spain as infrastructure struggles to cope

Minors are being forced to sleep on mattresses on shelter floors

Two disgraced Malaga mayors will appear in court in coming weeks

Former Casares mayor Juan Sanchez is facing 18 years in prison, while ex-Gaucin mayor Francisco Corbacho will appear at Malaga’s Penal Court

Barcenas claims former Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy knew of Gürtel slush fund

JAILED former treasurer of Spain’s Partido popular (PP), Luis Barcenas, has said ex prime Minister Mariano Rajoy knew about the illegal funding of...

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy hosts EU leaders’ meeting in Madrid

Madrid launches Brexit charm offensive after EU puts Gibraltar veto on table