Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Palma drops the ‘de Mallorca’ in third name change in eight years

Dropping the ‘de Mallorca’ the Balearic island’s capital is now to be known as Palma

Boris Johnson is up to his butt in a scatological Catalan nativity tradition, writes Belinda Beckett

This year Boris is among 40 new famous faces along with climate activist Greta Thunberg, PP President Pablo Casado and tennis ace Novak ?jokovic

Around 100 Bremain in Spain members flying to London for huge Brexit protest THIS SATURDAY

Bremain in Spain have said that Brexit ‘was sold was a lie, a fantasy, and a pipe-dream'

Marbella’s PP government blasted for seeking additional €36 million in budget ahead of next year’s local elections

MARBELLA'S conservative government has been blasted for seeking an extra €36 million from the Hacienda for next year's budget. The Partido Popular and OSP (San...

BREAKING: UK parliament WILL get vote on final Brexit deal before country leaves the EU

THE UK Parliament will get to vote on the final Brexit deal before the country leaves the EU, minister David Davis has told MPs. He...

Brits living in Spain will LOSE their rights if UK fails to give Spanish citizens better protection says Spain’s...

The future of the 365,967 Brits living in Spain will now depend on how the 180,000 Spaniards living in the UK are treated by the British government.

Polls show PP set to win Andalucia regional elections but will need help from Spain’s far right Vox party...

SPAIN’S conservative Popular Party is set to win the biggest share of the vote in Andalucia when regional elections are held next month, according...

Spain vows to ‘defend national interests’ as Algeria suspends cooperation treaty in diplomatic row over Western Sahara

SPAIN’S government vowed to ‘defend’ its national interests just hours after Algeria announced the decision to suspend a 20-year-old treaty of friendship and cooperation. Foreign...

European lawyers demand answers after Spanish family kept behind bars for almost 18 months with no formal charges

There has yet to be any formal charges brought against the Kokorevs

How expats can register for UK Brexit referendum from abroad

An analysis of the six most recent polls suggests 45% of voters want to leave the EU, while 55% will vote to remain

Ciudadanos SURGE in polls by more than 50 seats, threatening Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular

A NEW nationwide poll has seen a surge in support for centre-right Ciudadanos. According to the Sociometrica poll for El Espanol this weekend, the orange...

Spain blasts UK for not identifying potential victim in London terror attack quick enough

The foreign minister said the British government needs to do 'everything humanly possible'

GSLP/Liberals to win Gibraltar election, while Together Gibraltar eats into GSD support, exit poll says

The final turnout of this general election was 70.85% totalling 17138 votes

Foreign Office Minister Grant Shapps meets the Olive Press

Foreign Office Minister Grant Shapps met the Olive Press on his whistle-stop Spanish business trip

Catalunya’s deposed leader surrenders to Belgian authorities after fleeing Spain

Puigdemont wanted on charges of rebellion, sedition, misuse of public funds, disobedience and breach of trust has handed himself into Belgium authorities.

Spain urged to deal with systemic corruption by international watchdog

The body has called on the Spanish government to act immediately

Spain facing constitutional crisis as parties demand acting government returns to Congress

PP under pressure as parties battle for control of Congress

Only child of Spain’s dictator General Franco dies from terminal cancer

THE only child of Spain's dictator General Franco has died from terminal cancer.  Carmen Franco, 91, was born in Oviedo in 1926, and is said...

Spain’s population grows thanks to influx of immigrants

AN influx of immigrants has helped Spain's population grow for the second year in a row.  The number of people in Spain increased by 132,263...

PP backs Balearic president Biel Company after he refuses to publish income details

Podemos's Balearic leader Albert Jarado also under fire for receiving rental income

VOX candidate for Benidorm mayor booted out after revealing he received two-year sentence for domestic violence last February

VOX'S top candidate for Benidorm mayor has been replaced after it was revealed he received a two-year prison sentence for repeated domestic violence last...

Spain ‘will probably have new prime minister’ by Friday, sources claim

A source claimed PP leaders are starting to see defeat as the most likely outcome

CORRUPTION SWOOP: High-ranking politicians arrested in Spain’s Valencia on charges of accepting bribes in exchange for public contracts

According to police sources, firms paid illegal commissions in exchange for the right to purchase and build on publicly owned land in and around Valencia.





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