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Glass eye found during the exhumation of remains of a mass grave at cemetery in Spain helps to identify...

THE skeletal remains of a man executed at the hands of General Franco has been uncovered in Alicante - and thanks to his ‘perfectly’...

EXECUTED: Freedom fighters from Spain’s Franco era exhumed in Costa Blanca town revealing bullet wounds to the head

SEVEN bodies out of 14 exhumed from in Alicante are believed to be of freedom fighters that were executed during the height of Franco’s...

Dictator Franco concentration camp with ‘mass graves’ nearby to be rebuilt as information centre on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ALBATERA'S concentration camp, discovered only in 2020, is to become an information and interpretation centre. One of the derelict barrack buildings at the site will...

Spain’s Castellon spends €26 million on memorial statue to civil war dead

CASTELLON authorities have allocated €26,000 euros to the construction of a memorial statue which will pay homage to the victims of the Spanish Civil...

Legal row brews over Franco’s flowery bathroom sink at dictator’s summer palace

A FLOWERY basin where General Francisco Franco carried out his daily ablutions when at his summer palace in Galicia is at the centre of...

Barcelona’s People’s Olympiad: The story of the 1936 Protest Olympics that were derailed by the Spanish Civil War

BY Shannon Chaffers THE Tokyo Olympic Games will soon come to a close despite an initial rocky start under a shroud of controversy with Japan...

Court halts efforts to remove Franco monument in Catalunya after campaign by locals

A COURT has delayed an attempt to remove a monument inaugurated by General Francisco Franco to celebrate a victory during the Spanish Civil War...

STOP FASCISM: Two participants in far-right march in Spain’s Valencia become the first to be fined for displaying Franco...

Glorifying fascism is a very serious offence punished with fines of between €2,000 and €10,000.

Digging for Franco’s victims: British team from Cranfield University join search for Spain’s Civil War dead

A TEAM of British archaeologists have started to exhume and identify victims executed by the Franco regime after the Spanish Civil War. Several bodies with...

Valley of the Fallen: How archaelogists are planning a massive dig at Franco’s legacy

A NEW look at the lives of the prisoners who built the Valley of Fallen aims to give it a more acceptable spin, writes...

Spain’s Palma de Mallorca ‘erases’ Franco’s memory by renaming streets linked to dictator

Mayor Jose Hila said that ‘erasing Franco's heritage from the streets was not only a legal obligation, but also a moral obligation towards his victims’

Historical memory: Barcelona university enlisted to document Spain’s Valley of the Fallen victims

FAMILIES of the victims buried at the Valley of the Fallen will soon receive information on their loved ones thanks to a new collaboration...

A NATION DIVIDED: Spain’s bloody past is still causing divisions today

IMAGINE if, rather than losing the Second World War and committing suicide in Berlin, Adolf Hitler had successfully invaded the British Isles and ruled...

THE FALL OF FRANCO: Valencia Guardia Civil remove fascist symbols from city barracks

Shields had previously been taken down from schools, churches, and army headquarters

Spain’s Cordoba changes the name of two streets back to names of people associated with the Franco regime

TWO streets in Cordoba have reverted their names back to what they used to be a year ago.

International Women’s Day: We sit down with a feisty Franco survivor honoured for her heroics in fascist, male-dominated Spain

‘TO tell a woman everything she cannot do, is to tell her what she can’ is a Spanish proverb that perfectly fits Isabel Marquez...

EXPLAINER: Why some renters in Madrid pay as little as €7 a month

Quick thinking property investors are, however, jumping on these properties as the landlords are wanting to wash their hands of the commitment

Feminist protesters bare their chests at neo-fascists commemorating Franco’s death in Spain’s Madrid.

The women had the slogans ‘neither honour or glory in fascism’ written on their torsos and ‘stop 20-n' on their backs

As Spain’s General Election looms, Heather Galloway recalls her day watching Franco be exhumed from his Madrid tomb

As we watched, alongside me there were murmurings of indignation and rage

The Olive Press sent Heather Galloway to Madrid to witness a moment of Spanish history

A short while after, the helicopter carrying Franco could be seen rising overhead and a cry went up of ‘Franco lives!’

OPINION: Franco’s last day in the spotlight let Spain breathe clearly again

Finally a mass murderer has been moved away from the 30,000 he killed.

Franco sympathisers gather at Valley of the Fallen amid tight security as Spain’s former dictator Francisco Franco is exhumed

The exhumation has been fiercely criticised by Franco sympathisers and far-right party Vox.

Monks say Spain’s government can’t exhume dictator Franco’s body because he is buried in ‘sacred place’

The Abbey of the Valley of the Fallen sits on ground under which Franco is buried.

Spain’s Supreme Court gives go ahead for reburial of former dictator Francisco Franco

Pedro Sanchez’s socialist government had pledged to move the ex-tyrant‘s body from underneath the monument.

Jack Gaioni explores the horrors of a Civil War concentration camp and Franco’s grip on the Spanish press

 IF you were hoping for a ‘feel good’ article, read no further. If you were hoping for some logical, ‘moral-to-the story account’ - again, read...

Spain’s Government SEIZES former dictator General Franco’s €5 million summer palace over its ‘fraudulent’ sale

It comes as Pedro Sanchez’s PSOE administration has pushed on with a plan to exhume the remains of the Fascist dictator





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