BEACH BARS VS THE BIRDS: Spain’s Castellon launches plans to reopen summer beach bars amidst environmental concerns

The clock is ticking for a summer campaign that is hoped will be better than last year’s

VIDEO: Drones capture incredible beauty of whales feeding off Barcelona coast in Spain

DRONE cameras have captured the beauty of fin whales feasting on krill off the coast of Barcelona, a ritual that occurs in the same...

WELCOME TO TREE CITY: Valencia’s Gandia earns international award for its trees and gardens

GANDIA has been officially named ‘Tree City of the World’ by the United Nations (UN). The capital of La Safor district (Valencia Province) currently has...

Migratory Swifts Make Their way From Africa To Spain flying 11,000 kilometres

THOUSANDS of swifts are currently flying over the African continent on their way to Spain to spend their breeding season here. Migratory Swifts, following their...

ANIMAL OVER-BOAR-D!: Wild boar rescued from the sea at Valencia port

FISHERMEN at Valencia port made the strangest catch of their lives yesterday (Monday March 1). A team of workers on board an inflatable dinghy at...

Surge of dolphin deaths on Spanish coastline alarms ecologists

THE discovery of dead dolphins on Almeria coastline alarms ecologists. The number of dolphins that have appeared dead or dying in the last two years...

CITIZEN CANE: Bamboo and undergrowth cleared from La Safor rivers

THE buildup of bamboo canes and undergrowth in riverbeds and under bridges throughout the Valencian Community is usually the main culprit of the heavy...

BEAUTIFUL BUT DEADLY: Iberian wolves expected to return to Spain’s Valencia region within the next five years

WOLVES are expected to return to the Valencia region. Leading biologists believe that the combination of dwindling population figures in rural areas and the increasing...

The almond tree, the star of February in Malaga’s Botanical Garden

MALAGA'S Botanical Garden is a tropical paradise of 250000 square metres, first created in 1855 by the Marquis and Marchioness of Loring. READ MORE: A tour...

TOP MARKS: Up to 45 stretches of coastline in the Valencian Community classed as having ‘exceptional environmental value’

UP to 45 beaches throughout the Valencian Community have been granted top marks in a new environmental study by the regional government. The autonomous community’s...

ANIMAL HOUSE: Another good year for Valencia’s Bioparc

LAST year was yet another success for Valencia city’s Bioparc animal refuge. Always keen to escape the ‘zoo’ tag due to its negative connotations, the...

SAVE OUR COAST: Spanish ministry announces urgent project to regenerate the shoreline off Valencia’s Cullera

CULLERA (Valencia Province) will recover the historic sand dunes that dotted its shores more than 60 years ago in a bid to prevent coastal...

IT’S A DOG’S LIFE: Animal welfare experts in Valencia warn that leaving pets out in the cold can lead...

LEAVING pets outside in extreme weather conditions is a crime punishable with prison, animal welfare societies in Valencia are warning. With images doing the rounds...

BRRR! Winter lands with a bang in Spain’s Valencia region

Today (January 2), the mercury was expected to continue falling throughout the region

Plans to instal 588 football pitches’ worth of solar panels in Valencia’s Chiva spark mass opposition

A multinational company has purchased land to the tune of €12.6 million to instal 420 hectares of solar panels – the equivalent of 588 football pitches.

Huge vulture shocks motorists in Spain’s Malaga as it lands on busy road

The vulture's large, strong claws and beaks can cause considerable damage when used to defend themselves and any rescue operation should be done by experts in the area.

Spanish scientists say clue to finding life on Mars can be found in Chile’s Atacama Desert

SCIENTISTS from Spain's Centro de Astrobiología have discovered the key to finding life on Mars may be in the Earth's driest desert. Shallow layers...

Orca whales abandon Strait of Gibraltar for Galicia as Mediterranean Sea temperatures rise

ORCA whales are abandoning the strait of Gibraltar and heading to Galician waters, biologists have said.  Experts suspect that Orcas are leaving the Strait for...

New documentary based in Spain’s Lobo Park sanctuary reveals the truth about wolves

IT’S fair to say that wolves get a pretty bad rep. Two words usually accompany the species: big and bad. Whether leading Little Red...

Lesbian penguins at Oceanografic aquarium in Spain adopt their first baby

A LESBIAN penguin couple at Oceanografic aquarium in Valencia have adopted a chick to raise as their own.  The power couple, Electra and Viola, have...

Baby flamingos fly off-target from breeding area on Spain’s Costa Blanca

SOME of the 800 flamingos born last spring on Torrevieja's salt lake have found it tricky to get their sense of direction. Most have flown...

Two captive eagle owls returned to their natural habitat in Spain’s Cordoba

Both species were taught to fly and hunt live prey before release.

Scientists unable to track chicks at Andalucia’s largest flamingo settlement due to COVID-19

Due to coronavirus, the Ministry has determined that the bird banding will not take place this season.

Row over validity of lynx video in Spain’s Andalucia

A ROW has broken out between the Junta de Andalucia and a local businessman over the validity of a lynx video.

National trails added to expand Gibraltar tourism offering

Walkers in Gibraltar and visitors from the Costa del Sol will now be able to enjoy a number of trails all over the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

First five months of 2020 in Spain were the hottest of any year since records began

THE first five months of 2020 in Spain have been the hottest first five months of any year since records began.





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