Monday, November 23, 2020

We look back on the last 12 months as our Costa Blanca south edition celebrates its first birthday

IT is a particularly sweet landmark. Against the odds, our youngest edition - Costa Blanca south/Murcia - has made...

Opinion: A Brexit deal could be close – but the reality is far from a fairy tale ending

HE started with the battle cry ‘Get Brexit done’ and after almost a year in the trenches, we’re...

OPINION: With so many unanswered questions, can we trust the ‘breakthrough’ COVID-19 vaccine?

With the news that a 90% effective vaccine will be available next year, one may be surprised that I am weighing up if I will even opt to take it

OPINION: Get me off Spain’s coronacoaster!

WHAT a week it’s been in Spain’s coronavirus battle, and it’s only Tuesday!  A state of alarm, a curfew...

REVIEW: Four major problems with Woody Allen’s latest film based in Spain’s San Sebastian

WOODY Allen struggled to find a distributor for his latest film Rifkin's Festival after sexual abuse allegations shunned the director from Hollywood....

OPINION: Puerto Banus’ party scene is fun despite its reputation

PUERTO Banus has long been the chosen nightlife destination for every celebrity from Gemma Collins to Sir Alan Sugar. 

OPINION: Spanish authorities must do more than diddly squat to curb the rise of okupas

COVID-19 could be creating a squatters paradise as travel restrictions limit the ability of people to visit homes. The...

OPINION: The tribulations of post-Brexit life shouldn’t make Brits in Spain intolerant

The modern world is characterised by globalisation. Watching an American film while eating a Thai curry perched on the edge of your...

TOO HOT TO HANDLE: Spain’s singer Rosalia receives criticism for explicit music video that triggered global debate

ROSALIA is the singing superstar who won the first Grammy for an all-Spanish album. Merging pop and flamenco genres, the singer has...

OPINION: Nature is healing in Spain amidst coronavirus pandemic

IT has been difficult to find the bright side of the coronavirus crisis. But one perk of a worldwide shutdown is the...

OPINION: Spain’s economy needs tourists, it’s good to have you back

THE first set of Brits have been arriving on the Costa del Sol in recent days and we could not be happier that they’re here.

OPINION: As Black Lives Matter sweeps the globe, is it time for Spain’s most notorious expat racist Leapy Lee...

HE has been at it for two decades… but now the world has changed, is it time for Leapy Lee to stop...

OPINION: Andalucia’s COVID-19 outbreaks show that expat fears of British tourists in Spain are not unfounded

A SCROLL through expat Facebook groups will tell you that not everyone in Spain is best pleased at the return of foreign...

OPINION: COVID-19 has placed an easy target on the Spanish Government’s back, and opposition is in full attack mode...

Article by Lenox Napier. Photos by Allan Binderup IT’S all getting a little bit tense in Spain. 

COVID-19: The wheels of industry must start turning – goodbye China!

AND so it was that the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the catastrophic de-industrialisation of the West. A combination of greed,...

OPINION: Lawyer’s complaint to Brussels over Spain’s COVID-19 stance reflects wearying public

After more than four weeks of confinement, millions of us across Spain are already feeling the bite

OPINION: This time of uncertainty and fear won’t last forever

All around the country locals are trying to stay positive by joining together each evening at 8pm to applaud those keeping us all safe

International Women’s Day: Show me a woman who doesn’t have balls!

Fortunately, journalism offered equal opportunities – female and male reporters alike were sent off to cover football

International Women’s Day: I am celebrating kind, clever and passionate women

This International Women’s Day I will take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge all the successful, kind, clever, and passionate women I know

International Women’s Day: Women have to work harder

Changes are happening but there is still a long way to go

International Women’s Day: Still work to be done

I see a future where International Women’s Day is no longer celebrated... because there is no longer a need

International Women’s Day: A man told me I would ‘ruin the place’

I was fighting hard against the glass ceiling

International Women’s Day: We only ask for equality

The fight continues in 2020 for a just and fair society where, as females, all we want is to be seen and treated as equals

International Women’s Day: My advice? Never give up

I don’t want special treatment as a woman, just to have my business acumen acknowledged and my viewpoint respected

International Women’s Day: Strong role models

I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a feminist, but I am independent and I know my self worth, and would encourage every man, woman and child to do the same