Sunday, June 16, 2019

Spain’s Rajoy will need all the help he can get on Catalunya independence issue

Rajoy begins his second term in a completely different political landscape

OPINION: Spain, sort your corruption out!

Will it ever end?

Who will cut out the cancer of corruption in Spain?

It seems elected officials have forgotten who they are hired to serve... us!

OPINION: Stan Israel’s conduct must be reported on

It's hard to ignore when many members of ex-staff and printers queue up with stories of non-payment

OPINION: More needs to be done to tackle drink-spiking on Costa del Sol

It is a stain on the coast and has the potential to turn away tourists

OPINION: Outrageous and worrying that a bear can be killed in a protected area

It is unbelievable that someone could be so cruel

OPINION: Hard reality of 21st migration

Thousands of African women are trafficked for sexual exploitation in western Europe

OPINION: Spain’s snail-paced justice system needs serious improvement

Reforms are urgently needed to speed things along

OPINION: Alhaurin Town Hall should be ashamed

It is time Alhaurin Town Hall took responsibility

OPINION: Ship Stephen Jackson back now!

The sooner Jackson is quizzed over Lisa Brown the better

OPINION: At last some positive post-Brexit news

Optimistic for the property market

OPINION: Sign up for joint nationality now

We need YOUR help, por favor

OPINION: The battle lying ahead!

Has a fortnight ever shaken a country’s political foundations so profoundly?

OPINION: On June 23, Remain is right

Britain deserves better than Farage and Gove's vision of our future

OPINION: Safe to breathe

This month’s eye-opening WHO report into global air standards should be heeded urgently by the authorities

OPINION: Long-awaited victory after dodgy dentist legal battle

The Olive Press feels vindicated, after warning our readers of this twice-struck-off professional lurking in our midst

OPINION: Raising the family of hit-and-run victim up with heartfelt campaign

Grief-stricken and anguished, making ends meet should be the least of their worries

OPINION: Will justice finally be done following arrests of notorious Costa del Sol Brits?

While it is excellent news that justice is finally - apparently - being done, for the families of Lisa Brown, Agnese Klavina and Amy Fitzpatrick, the desperate search for answers goes on

OPINION: Decision of a generation looms as Brexit vote registration ends May 16

From Almeria to Alhaurin and Granada to Gibraltar, our homes, jobs and entire way of life would be at risk

OPINION: Touch of class returns to Marbella at Michelin-starred chefs event

You wouldn’t have found the cast of The Only Way Is Marbs at the A Cuatro Manos event

OPINION: Expat couple the Priors ‘ property nightmare rumbles on

the British consulate estimates at least 4,000 Britons are owners of illegal homes

Opinion: Green groups slam government’s new solar power law

The law makes a mockery of Spain’s apparent drive to cut carbon emissions in the next decade

OPINION: Tighten up security at Malaga airport

Who would argue for scrimping and saving in the fight against terror?

OPINION: Johan’s legacy

His legacy lives in the beauty of the team that adorns Camp Nou to this day

OPINION: Belsen Berney’s hero legacy tainted by dishonesty

Sad that a war hero’s legacy has been tainted by his dishonesty

OPINION: Football foul play

It is appallingly sad to hear about expat children being denied the licence to play in Spanish amateur leagues