SPAIN is a wonderful country in which to live – which is why it has welcomed millions of expats to its shores.

Whether they are British, Irish, German, Dutch or from further afield, they have all been given a warm greeting from the Spanish.

This makes the Spanish costas thriving, cosmopolitan places to live life to the full – and the ‘foreigners’ are a major part of this.

They bring a liveliness and different way of looking at things that complement the Spanish attitudes and way of life perfectly.

But sadly, there is a dark underbelly to a minority. We all know about the criminal elements who have moved to Spain to either hide out from the law or to enrich themselves – all too often leading to gangland violence.

But perhaps more iniquitous are those with an agenda. This week we revealed how Kris Kearns (AKA Charlie Big Potatoes) used his Spanish home as a base to spew his hateful ultra-right views on social media.

Whether he has actually committed a crime is up to the UK courts to decide. But what is clear is that his sort of fascist message is one that is not welcome in Spain.

It goes against the messages of inclusivity and ‘live and let live’ attitude that is one of Spain’s greatest charms.

As far as the Olive Press is concerned, his extradition to face the music in the UK can not come soon enough.

The only shame is that if he is convicted and jailed, the Spanish National Court has said he should serve his sentence here.

We really do not want him back!

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