Friday, April 3, 2020

WATCH: Dolphins take advantage of coronavirus lockdown in Spain’s Mallorca by swimming in waters once plagued with sewage

Reclaiming their natural habitat, dolphins have been spotted in several ports across the island

Now is the Ideal Time to Switch to an ECO PURO water filter System in Spain

The coronavirus crisis has resulted in many more people becoming aware that buying and storing vast numbers of plastic water bottles is not the...

Animal adoptions increase under Spain’s Covid-19 lockdown as government warns owners finding excuse to ‘get out the house’

SPAIN'S public prosecution ministry has warned abandonment of adopted pets will carry fines. The Fiscalía de Medio Ambiente warned...

European Space Agency proves lock-down leads to significant drop in pollution above Spain’s major cities

A BAN on non-essential travel has led to a drastic drop in pollution across Spain. The European Space Agency...

Flood warnings as Spain’s Mar Menor region looks ahead to full day of rain, wind and rough seas

COASTAL areas around the Mar Menor are preparing for more potentially devastating floods, after a night of torrential rain looks set to...

Flood warning in Spain’s Mar Menor region – roads closed, residents told to stay indoors and upstairs

OVERNIGHT rains have blocked off many roads in the Mar Menor area, still recovering from a series of storms going back to...

After deadly floods and VAT crackdowns from the government, the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre goes back into state...

SO MUCH has been thrown at us in the last year, from the devastating floods in September to the VAT crackdown from...

Energy usage in Spain FALLS due to coronavirus

ENERGY consumption in Spain has fallen due to coronavirus.

Costa Blanca council lets nature help in urgent beach restoration

PILAR DE LA HORADADA council is to make urgent repairs to coastal walks, after six months of destructive storms.

People power prevails as Costa Calida councils make good muddy Mar Menor

FOLLOWING a series of high-profile protests by businesses and citizens around the Mar Menor, one council is taking action in time for...

REVEALED: First bearded vulture to be born in the wild in Spain’s Andalucia

The first bearded vulture born in the wild this season has been called 'Savuti'

WATCH: Huge dolphin pods off Spain’s Costa Blanca could be result of storm Gloria ‘breaking open fish cages’, says...

A MASSIVE influx of dolphins off the Costa Blanca coast could be a hangover from storm Gloria. Fisherman Amadeu...

Costa Blanca mayors accused of ‘disobedience’ over withholding reports on river pollution and dumping of waste

BOTH Benijofar and Formentera del Segura councils are being threatened with prosecution over withholding information requests. The Catalan Ombudsman...

7 Effective Steps to Keep Your Commercial Space Pest-Free

A commercial space should be comfortable. An employee is likely to spend more time in the workplace than they are likely to spend in...

CLIMATE WARNING: Half of world’s sandy beaches could disappear by end of century say scientists, threatening Spain’s Costa del...

SCIENTISTS have released a new study suggesting 50% of the world's sandy beaches could vanish by 2100 if nothing is done to curb climate...

Two businessmen jailed for two years for illegally extracting water from Spain’s Donana National Park

TWO businessmen who illegally extracted water from Donana National Park have been jailed for two years.

Cosmetics firm in Spain launches vegan lipstick in violet for International Women’s Day

The 100% vegan lipstick has been designed for the traditional demonstrations of International Women’s Day on March 8

Costa Calida group threaten to move ‘heaven and earth’ in Mar Menor protest, demanding ‘respect and dignity’

RESIDENTS at the southern end of the protected Mar Menor lagoon have planned a peaceful march in protest at the conditions of...

Study in Spain and Mediterranean reveals 50% of beach plastic ‘comes from tourists’

Rubbish, including micro-plastics and small particles, was collected, catalogued and analysed at intervals throughout the year

Door-to-door rubbish collection considered ‘pioneering’ in Spanish Costa Blanca town

PILAR de la Horadada council has chosen its own San Isidro neighbourhood to pilot a door-to-door rubbish collection scheme.

Costa Blanca nudist resort gets hands-on to maintain ‘virgin and natural beaches’

GUARDAMAR del Segura council have pledged that 7km of the town’s beaches will be cleaned by hand from tomorrow, March 1.

Cherry blossom in Valencia’s Marina Alta named as most beautiful in all of Spain

CHERRY blossom in the Valencian Community's Marina Alta region has been named as the most beautiful in all of Spain.

Do you live on the Costa del Sol? Here’s how you can do your bit in the fight against...

On March 24, the Surfrider Foundation Europe invites everyone to join or organise a clean up in their area in this latest push to fight marine pollution

Use of cars in Madrid rises, while use of public transport declines

THE use of cars in Madrid has risen in recent years, whereas the use of public transport has declined.

Spain enters top ten countries with the most sustainable buildings in the world

28% of CO2 emissions come from buildings, so action to reduce this is essential to comply with environmental requirements