Thursday, October 1, 2020

Andalucia announces grants to cover rental costs for self-employed workers affected by COVID-19

It is expected to benefit some 9,400 self-employed workers; with nightclub owners and child care businesses being the principal recipients of the aid.

Spanish business could be asked to pay for expenses incurred by employees forced to work from home

By now, the initial excitement of working from home has officially faded. The two-minute commute from...

LG on verge of saving Nissan’s doomed Barcelona factory

WORKERS at the doomed Nissan factory in Barcelona are waiting to see if their jobs have been saved by LG.

Lloyds becomes latest bank to strip European expats of British current accounts – but Spanish customers remain in the...

FEARS are mounting that Lloyds Bank could follow Barclay's lead and close the bank accounts of the thousands of Brits who live...

OD Hotels in Spain’s Ibiza and Mallorca hits high note this summer despite ongoing COVID-19 crisis

The OD hotel chain, which has three hotels in Ibiza and one in Mallorca, managed to achieve an occupancy rate of nearly 75% in the key summer months

Rise in numbers of Spanish entrepreneurs setting up businesses during Covid – but female businesses are still outnumbered by...

PLUCKY young entrepreneurs are refusing to let COVID-19 stop them from a profit. Encouraging figures released by the Association of Statistics of...

Clearer rules to reduce risk for DLT companies in Gibraltar introduced

GIBRALTAR is bringing in new rules for Distributed Ledger Technology companies wishing to set up shop on the Rock.

Is Spain still the investment haven despite the Corona pandemic?

According to Worldometer, as of April 2nd, Spain had 104,118 coronavirus positive cases with the second highest death toll in the world. The coronavirus...

Barclays to cancel all expat credit cards because of Brexit

BARCLAYS is set to abandon its expat customers on November 16 by terminating the accounts of anyone without a residential address in...

Rate of new business creation remains unchanged on last year in Spain’s Andalucia despite COVID-19 crisis

According to the figures, the number of new businesses registered on the commercial register have matched the same period in 2019

The OKEx Crypto Exchange Review

Founded in 2017, OKEx is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy, sell, or trade an assortment of digital assets. It is part...

30,000 businesses in Spain’s Balearic Islands at risk of disappearing due to COVID-19 crisis

Fundacion Impulsa has estimated that more than 30,000 businesses in the region will close permanently by the end of next year

Tax avoidance or tax evasion – don’t get them confused!

THE complexity of tax should not be overlooked and becomes even more of a challenge when you live overseas.

Spain’s ERTE furlough scheme set to be extended as talks in Mallorca continue between government and unions

NEGOTIATIONS on extending Spain’s ERTE furlough scheme resume tomorrow (Monday September 9). A meeting in Palma (Mallorca) between government...

Caixabank and Bankia merging to become Spain’s largest financial entity

Details of the negotiations are being kept firmly under wraps but both giants have confirmed that talks are underway

Spain’s Balearic Islands announces BIGGEST fall in GDP in region’s history

In the second quarter of 2020, that is, during the months of April, May and June, the Balearic GDP fell by a whopping 40.5%

Supermarket sweep: Carrefour buy out Spanish food retailers Supersol

FRENCH supermarket group Carrefour has agreed to buy the Supersol food retailing chain. They will pay Maxima - the...

What’s the problem with my UK financial adviser if I live in Spain?

By Tracy Storer Senior Partner, Chorus Financial IT’S certainly taken a few years, and perhaps Brexit has been a...

Brits across Europe ‘financially fearful’ of no-deal Brexit

The majority of the estimated 1.8 million Britons living in the European Union are ‘increasingly financially fearful – and rightly so’ over...

Spain’s tourism industry suffers loss of €8.2 billion since COVID-19 outbreak

SPAIN'S tourism is the second worst hit in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new...

1.35 million jobs lost in Spain during coronavirus pandemic

AROUND 1.35 million jobs have been lost in Spain since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Of this number,...

DATA REVOLUTION: How the pharmaceutical industry is being transformed

THE availability of data has completely transformed the traditional pharmaceutical industry with the most significant impact in drug discovery, clinical trials and...

Stainless steel food storage options for your commercial kitchen

When it comes to arranging space in the commercial busy kitchens, stainless steel is the best and most desirable category of equipment, tools, and...

Hotels across Spain’s Mallorca offer unprecedented discounts of up to 50% to avoid closing this month

In an attempt to increase their capacity, reported in some to be as low as 30%, hoteliers are now introducing unprecedented discounts this month

DEAR JENNIFER: What kind of cover do I actually get with an insurance policy?

All the world is experiencing a very frightening time due to this dreadful virus that is circulating everywhere. Until...

Grim outlook on Spain’s road to economic recovery from coronavirus crisis

SPAIN’S economy is in danger of lagging behind the main advanced economies in Europe in recovering from the coronavirus crisis.