Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Are your finances coronavirus-proof?

The worldwide public health emergency created by the coronavirus pandemic is, according to most experts, going to create a global recession. All major economic downturns...

COVID-19 crisis: Economists predict Spain’s Balearic Islands will suffer biggest recession in its history

Economists predict the consequences of the health crisis will be catastrophic for the region

Coronavirus pandemic threatens to ruin yearly harvest in Spain as workforce drops dramatically

Farmers warn that the harvest is suffering a 40% drop in the workforce.

Easyjet grounds entire fleet due to coronavirus pandemic

THE entire Easyjet fleet has been grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The budget airline said it was unable to say when flights will take...

LONG READ: From the Costa del Sol to the Costa Blanca, British expat firms are showing their true grit...

The Olive Press asked a series of top expat businesses how they are coping and what measures they are taking to stay afloat

Spain and rest of the world fight for survival as recession looms

Urgent action plan needed in fight for economic survival as Spain and rest of the world head into recession

Petrol stations in Spain ask the Government if they can close down due to drop in demand, as people...

PETROL stations in Spain have asked the Government whether they can close down due to a drop in demand.

Gibraltar kicks off its double tax agreement with UK to attract big money

Gibraltar has finally started its double trade agreement with the UK to bring in more business and recover from the dual fallout of Coronavirus and Brexit.

Self-employed ‘autónomos’ affected by coronavirus lockdown to receive benefits up to €1,500 in Spain’s Comunitat Valenciana

SELF-EMPLOYED 'autónomo' workers whose income has been affected by the coronavirus lockdown will have access to benefits 'up to €1,500' in the...

Five of Spain’s Ibex 35 companies pledge €150 million to the health authorities to help fight coronavirus

LARGE companies from the Ibex 35 have donated €150 million to the health authorities to help in the fight against Covid-19.

COVID-19: Spain’s Balearic Islands to take €1.8 BILLION tourism hit and face 400,000 job losses

Alongside the tragic human consequences, the impact on the economy is predicted to be catastrophic

Government considers freezing rents for ‘two months’ for people affected during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown

A FREEZE on rental payments is being considered by Spain's government to aid citizens affected during the coronavirus lockdown.

How 3D printing is providing much-needed medical supplies to fight coronavirus in Spain

COMPANIES in Spain have begun 3D printing much needed medical supplies for the ongoing coronavirus fight.  More than 700 people have combined their 3D production...

Price of weed doubles or in some cases triples in Spain due to coronavirus lockdown

THE price of weed in Spain has skyrocketed due to the coronavirus lockdown.

How to manage your investments through Spain’s coronavirus crisis, writes financial columnist Sam Kelly

I’m sure as you all read this, you’ll be sat in the safety of your homes, the cleanest they’ve ever been, surrounded...

Lawyers can salvage money sunken in off-plan house deposits lost after the financial crisis, write Sun Lawyers

IT was a common scenario...  People would fall in love with an off-plan property (not built yet). Beautiful drawings....

DEAR JENNIFER: Will my travel insurance cover me for Coronavirus?

What a shock it was for all of us to read about the Coronavirus. We watched on our television screens a total...

Number of car sales in Spain drop by a STAGGERING 85% during first week of lockdown

CAR sales in Spain have fallen dramatically during the first week of lockdown.

EXCLUSIVE: With coronavirus fear taking a grip, the Olive Press exposes a Spanish firm cashing in on people’s fear...

A COMPANY in Madrid is conning nervous people and cashing in on the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the globe.

Don’t try and catch a falling knife, warns Chartered Financial Planner Jonathan Holdaway, amid market freefall over Spain coronavirus...

World equity markets are in freefall off the back of the oil price drop and continued concern over the impact of Covid-19

Google Local Reviews in Spain and why you shouldn’t trust them

THE Irish have a saying that goes, ‘if you can’t say anything, say nothing’

Spain’s Andalucia to lose 8 MILLION tourists in €5.5 billion hit over coronavirus pandemic

ANDALUCIA is set to lose eight million tourists due to the coronavirus pandemic, officials have predicted.  Junta vice president Juan Marin has lowered the forecasts...

BREAKING: Gibraltar government planning to put in place an EMERGENCY budget for next few months

THE Government of Gibraltar has convened a meeting of Parliament for an emergency budget on Friday.

Spain’s €200 billion plan to aid ‘autónomos’, employers and laid-off workers through the coronavirus crisis

PEDRO Sanchez has today announced a €200 billion package to aid the self-employed, employers and laid-off workers through the coronavirus crisis (details...

Hotelier in Spain’s Andalucia talks to the BBC about the devastating effects of coronavirus on tourism

A HOTELIER from Andalucia has spoken to the BBC detailing what effect the coronavirus will have on his business.