Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Boy, 12, fighting for life against COVID-19 in Spain despite no previous health conditions

The child has been transferred from the Arnau de VIlanova hospital in Lleida to the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona

Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas restart shooting Spain’s biggest film of the year

PENELOPE Cruz has joined up with fellow Spanish superstar Antonio Banderas to resume shooting of one of the year’s biggest Spanish productions.

Swiss tennis star Roger Federer tops Forbes’ rich-list as Barcelona legend Messi joins exclusive club

TENNIS star Roger Federer has been revealed as topping Forbes' top 100 earning sportspersons list in 2020. It is...

Spain admits it is facing second wave after breaking new weekend record as it registers 31,428 COVID-19 cases

Of particular concern is the incidence of coronavirus, which has now reached a national average of 280 per 100,000 inhabitants

UK police uncover 4 underground cannabis bunkers after tip-off from Spain’s Guardia Civil

A tip-off from Spanish police has led British officers to dig up over £500,000 of cannabis hidden in underground bunkers

Incredible sportsmanship goes viral as Spanish triathlete sacrifices podium slot to British rival

The crowd erupted as the pair shook hands and embraced as they crossed the finish line

Scholar discovers first Shakespeare play to arrive in Spain

Stone found among the old books a 1634 print of the tragicomedy The Two Noble Kinsmen, written together with John Fletcher, which is thought to be Shakespeare’s last work

Catalan leader Quim Torra faces being sacked in disobedience case

With tensions still simmering after the failed 2017 independence bid, a power vacuum caused by Torra's departure could lead to a fresh election if a replacement is not unanimously decided

Spain races to contain Madrid’s COVID-19 resurgence as it announces lockdown measures ‘to avoid another state of alarm’

Regional leader Isabel Diaz Ayuso said at a press conference today that police patrols will be stepped up to enforce the new norms

French overtake Brits as Spain’s number one source of tourism

WE’VE had to put up with the Germans bagging the sunbeds. Now it’ll be the French grabbing all the best tables.

Woman killed by storms sweeping western Spain and Andalucia

THE 'cold drop' that is sweeping across parts of Andalucia and western Spain has claimed a victim in Extremedura.

Volunteers quit COVID-19 vaccine trials after side effects mar Phase 2 testing in Spain

The concerns arose after side effects were reported in the Madrid-based vaccine trials on a subject in the UK

Spain sees deadliest COVID-19 day since end of lockdown

Despite the worrying numbers, health leaders, including Health Minister Salvador Illa, say the situation is 'stabilising'

Spain extends non EU entry restrictions until the end of the month as Madrid considers local lockdowns

SPAIN has announced this morning that it will extend restrictions on all non essential travel from outside the European Union until September...

Spain adds 9,437 cases Tuesday as almost 10% of hospital beds in Spain dedicated to COVID-19

Across Spain, currently 8.5% of hospital beds are taken up by coronavirus patients, but this varies widely when broken down regionally

Barclays to cancel all expat credit cards because of Brexit

BARCLAYS is set to abandon its expat customers on November 16 by terminating the accounts of anyone without a residential address in...

Trans woman brutally beaten to death ‘by partner’ in Spain

Susana is the 32nd woman killed by gender violence in 2020 and number 1,065 since 2003

More than 200 schools across Spain have registered incidents due to cases of COVID-19, with Andalucia most affected

According to data of the Autonomous Communities, Andalucia, with 34 schools affected to some degree by the pandemic, is the region with most incidents

Spain registers first cases of COVID-19 reinfection – one with severe symptoms

All four of the cases were infected during the first wave, only to become afflicted with the virus again months or weeks later

Spain registers 27,404 COVID-19 cases over weekend

The majority of cases declared on Monday were in Madrid (910), Aragon (401) and the Basque Country (288)

COVID-19 vaccine trials begin today in Spain as Madrid suffers early hiccup

It is expected that the full development and testing of the vaccine could take up to two years to reach the public

Elbow bump is out as WHO suggests taking your hand to your heart instead, highly recommended in traditionally affectionate...

Coronavirus killed the handshake and the hug, and in countries like Spain, cheek kissing, replacing the social greeting with the elbow bump.

Grandad from Wales left paralysed after pool accident in Spain’s Tenerife

A GO FUND ME page has been set up for get a British man home after he broke his neck in a...

Spain invests €181 million into solar projects as push for carbon neutrality continues

THE Ministry of Environment in Spain announced that it is to invest heavily in renewable energy projects with a cash injection.

WATCH: Man arrested after posting video online of himself ‘dancing’ in his car at 125mph

SPANISH National Police have arrested a young man after he posted a video clip online of him ‘dancing’ in his car at...

MISSING CROWDS: Catalonia’s national day passes quietly as COVID-19 regulations halt protest rallies

CORONAVIRUS has claimed another victim – Catalonia’s national day. Normally separatists use September 11 as an opportunity for mass...